Koh Phayam – An Amazing Thailand Island Getaway!

As I live in Bangkok, one of my favorite ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Mango is to get some beach time. Koh Samed is an easy and inexpensive 3 hour bus ride, and Koh Chang is just a couple of hours further. However, during the peak tourist seasons (especially around Christmas) both of these islands fill up with throngs of tourists and the hotel prices rise significantly (assuming they’re not all fully booked). But then my gal found this CNN article touting how Koh Phayam was “Still (almost) like Thailand in the 1970s“.

The CNN article was already 3 years old when we saw it. But it had us wondering, is it still like that? A quick search for lodging options in Koh Phayam revealed plenty of rooms available, and at a fraction of the prices we would have had to pay at other islands over the Christmas holiday. We were optimistic. After an incredibly relaxing week on the island, I can say that Koh Phayam is an amazing Thailand island getaway. The beaches are pristine, free from the throngs of tourists, and yet there’s still plenty of places to enjoy good drinks and eats on the cheap. Let me show you around… Continue reading “Koh Phayam – An Amazing Thailand Island Getaway!”

Clucking Donut – Southern Fried Chicken & Fresh Donuts

I recently experienced The Clucking Donut (official Facebook page), Bangkok’s newest place for REAL Southern fried chicken and amazing homemade donuts. This is a new venture by Malai Chocolate, so they also offer incredible bean to bar produced chocolate and drinks. If you’re like me after reading these two sentences you’re probably waffling between thoughts of “What the hell?” and “Take my money!“.

I get it. That’s what I was thinking, too. It’s hard to imagine 3 very different things that you often crave being served under one roof. It’s harder still to imagine that all 3 are going to be done amazingly. But you won’t be disappointed here because what they’re doing at The Clucking Donut is freaking amazing.

Let me tell you about it. I’ll start with what would be my first priority craving, the chicken!

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Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Things To See and Places To Eat!

Ayni Opera House Dushanbe

I would imagine that it’s rare to find Dushanbe, Tajikistan on most folks bucket list of travel destinations. However, if you’ve  ever wanted to travel the famous Silk Road route or explore the unspoiled beauty of the Pamir Mountain Range then you may just find Dushanbe on your itinerary. You’re lucky for it, too. Dushanbe, albeit not a bustling metropolis, has some great places to visit and a cuisine worth exploring. Let me show you… Continue reading “Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Things To See and Places To Eat!”

LetsYOWN – How to Have a Filipino Feast in Bangkok!

My knowledge of Filipino cuisine is limited by the few experiences I had spending the weekends rolling up lumpia for squadron fundraisers when I was stationed in Misawa Air Base, Japan. I also once tried to cook longganisa but watched it melt like a snowman leaving only a reddish oily pool in the frying pan. But this weekend my gal and I were invited to a “Boodle Fight” by the family who operates LetsYOWN (official Facebook page). Here I received a proper education in Filipino cuisine and culture, while meeting a wonderful family and making some new friends.

LetsYOWN is a delivery service that offers authentic Filipino food delivered to your doorstep at portion sizes for 8-10 persons, and at prices that will blow your mind. Let me show you some examples of their food, then I’ll tell you a bit more about the family running the operation (and what the heck a Boodle Fight is)… Continue reading “LetsYOWN – How to Have a Filipino Feast in Bangkok!”