LetsYOWN – How to Have a Filipino Feast in Bangkok!

My knowledge of Filipino cuisine is limited by the few experiences I had spending the weekends rolling up lumpia for squadron fundraisers when I was stationed in Misawa Air Base, Japan. I also once tried to cook longganisa but watched it melt like a snowman leaving only a reddish oily pool in the frying pan. But this weekend my gal and I were invited to a “Boodle Fight” by the family who operates LetsYOWN (official Facebook page). Here I received a proper education in Filipino cuisine and culture, while meeting a wonderful family and making some new friends.

LetsYOWN is a delivery service that offers authentic Filipino food delivered to your doorstep at portion sizes for 8-10 persons, and at prices that will blow your mind. Let me show you some examples of their food, then I’ll tell you a bit more about the family running the operation (and what the heck a Boodle Fight is)… Continue reading “LetsYOWN – How to Have a Filipino Feast in Bangkok!”

Gallery Sushi – Tasty Epic Sized Sushi in Bangkok!

HUGE Botan Ebi sushi at Gallery Sushi in Bangkok

I love sushi. Like a good hamburger, sushi is one of those things that I crave every now and then–and eventually I have to satisfy that craving. During a recent visit to the Wat Lat Prao a friend of mine recommended a nearby sushi joint called The Gallery Sushi Bar (official Facebook page).

Rather than go that day, I coordinated with him for a day when we could go together. I don’t mind eating sushi alone, but it’s a much more enjoyable experience when you can dine with a friend. Plus you can explore the menu a bit more.

I was blown away by the quality of this sushi, and the ginormous portions also made it an incredible value. It’s not cheap (and if you’re idea of sushi comes from a 5 baht sushi stand then stop reading now). But considering the quality and portion sizes it’s very inexpensive especially in comparison to sushi bars in the Sukhumvit area. Let me show you… Continue reading “Gallery Sushi – Tasty Epic Sized Sushi in Bangkok!”

Ash Kickers – Kick-Ass Smoked BBQ in Bangkok!

Meat Feast at Ash Kickers Bangkok

Ash Kickers Briskets and Bourbon (official Facebook page) is the latest BBQ joint to hit the Bangkok food scene. If you’re a fan of smoked meats, you should be celebrating this. To describe their smoky BBQ offerings as delicious doesn’t really describe the food with justice. I had the opportunity to sample their menu and in all honesty it’s truly the best BBQ in Bangkok that I’ve experienced. Simply put, their smoked BBQ kicks ass!

Let me show you. I think you’ll see what I mean… Continue reading “Ash Kickers – Kick-Ass Smoked BBQ in Bangkok!”

Little Bhutan – Authentic Bhutanese Food in Bangkok!

Ema Datshi at Little Bhutan Bangkok

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Bhutan, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon“. It’s an incredible country of natural beauty, friendly people, and deliciously unique cuisine. In Bangkok there are a few restaurants that offer a few dishes claiming to be Bhutanese. But sadly these offerings are not even close to being authentic. You need Bhutanese ingredients to make Bhutanese food. But now the newly opened restaurant Little Bhutan (official Facebook page) offers Bangkok diners an authentic Bhutanese food menu.

What makes Little Bhutan “authentic”? For starters it’s Bhutanese owned, operated, and there is a Bhutanese chef working the kitchen. But what really brings authenticity to the dishes are the fact that they use ingredients imported fresh from Bhutan! Bhutanese red chili peppers, cheese, sun dried pork belly, teas, and spices are some of the things that truly give guests a taste of Bhutan. Yet despite the importation of much of their ingredients, they manage to keep their prices at an incredible value. Let me show you! Continue reading “Little Bhutan – Authentic Bhutanese Food in Bangkok!”