Palate – An Affordable Bangkok Rooftop Bar Experience!

Palate Bangkok Chow Traveller Cover

A friend recently recommended Palate (official Facebook page) to me as a hidden foodie gem in Bangkok. Palate offers an expansive menu filled with delicious and shockingly inexpensive Thai cuisine. Take a look at their menu and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I brought my visiting family there to try it out and we were very impressed with the quality and taste of their food, the incredibly reasonable prices, fast service, and ambience of their rooftop bar. I decided then that this  would be a place worth returning to and writing about.

Now I want to be clear that this rooftop bar will not afford you incredible views of the Bangkok city skyline. If a view is what you want, this place will not impress you. Palate’s rooftop bar is on the 6th floor. But if you’re happy being away from the traffic and noise of the city and just want an intimate place to dine and entertain your friends with good food and drink that doesn’t break the bank, then this place will impress you!

Let me show you what I mean…

A feast for the Palate!

Palate Bangkok Chow Traveller Cover

You can see I tried my best to get a fair sampling from Palate’s menu. But choosing these dishes was tough as everything on their menu looks so good and is so reasonably priced!

I must have crispy pork!

Palate Bangkok Pork Belly
Deep Fried Pork Belly with Spicy Salad and Herbs (160 baht)

I am a huge fan of crispy pork. This Deep Fried Pork Belly with Spicy Salad and Herbs (160 baht) is a winner. There are many different crispy pork options on their menu and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed with any of them. This particular dish is made with crispy pork tossed with the same herbs and dressing that is in larb. I love the spice and tang of it mixed with the crunch of the pork crackling! I highly recommend this dish (or any of their crispy pork dishes).

Deep fried yum!

Palate Bangkok Fried Prawns
Deep Fried Breaded Prawns with Lime Cream Sauce (180 baht)

If you’re a fan of fried shrimp you will love this. I did. The Deep Fried Breaded Prawns with Lime Cream Sauce (180 baht) is lightly battered (don’t expect Tempura style) and though it’s deep fried it’s not greasy at all. The sweet and tangy lime cream sauce drizzled over the perfectly cooked shrimp is absolutely delicious, too!

Some serious pepper!

Palate Bangkok Chicken Pepper Sauce
Stir Fried Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce (170 baht)

This Stir Fried Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce (170 baht) isn’t sparing the pepper. It’s intensely flavorful and you’re going to want to have some rice or noodles to eat with it. If you’ve been disappointed with bland pepper sauce dishes before you will find this experience quite different!

Oh yeah!

Palate Bangkok Fried Rice
Hot Basil Fried Rice with Beef (160 baht)

I’m not normally a rice person. But Palate offers some great rice dishes. The problem is trying to decide which one you want! I am a fan of Pad Krapao so this Hot Basil Fried Rice with Beef (160 baht) is perfect for me. They don’t skimp on the flavor here. There’s lots of basil leaves, spicy birds eye chilies, and plenty of minced beef. If you like a stir fried rice dish with a kick you will love this!

GIANT river prawns!

Palate Bangkok Pad Thai Prawns
Pad Thai with River Prawns (190 baht)

At this price the Pad Thai with River Prawns (190 baht) is an amazing value. Look at those river prawns. They are HUGE! The pad thai is made with Sen Chan noodles which I enjoy as they are more “chewier”. I also loved that Palate puts the chili, sugar, and peanuts on the side so that you can spice it how you like. They do use palm sugar to make this dish (which gives it a creamy sweetness) so you may find the granulated sugar unneeded. I recommend you taste before you season it–it may just be perfect as it is!

Where has this been all my life?

Palate Bangkok Salmon
Raw Salmon in Spicy Chili Paste (170 baht)

This dish blew me away. It’s incredible! The Raw Salmon in Spicy Chili Paste (170 baht) is a dish that is a symphony of flavors. Take the thin slices of raw salmon and roll it up around a dollop of roasted sweet chili paste laden with red and green onion and slivers of fresh lemongrass. Your mouth will thank you. This is another dish I highly recommend, especially if you’re enjoying some drinks!

A word about drinks…

Palate has a fantastic selection of cocktails and beers (both bottle and draft). All of them are very reasonably priced. Their cocktails are average priced at a reasonable 150 baht.  They offer several German and Belgium brews ranging from 190-270 baht. Local beers are 90 baht, and you can pick up a pint of Asahi on draft for a mere 140 baht. They also sell the draft beers by jugs and towers if you want to buy in bulk.

A chat with the owners…

Palate Bangkok Owners
Aey and Oil

I had the good fortune to meet with the owners of Palate, Aey and Oil. They started Palate in August, 2016 as a shabu hotpot style restaurant (you can still find some pretty amazing hotpot dishes on their menu).

They decided to expand their menu to seafood after operating for 6 months.  Then they rented out the entire building to expand their operations so that they could include a bar and rooftop bar (located on the 5th and 6th floors).

Palate Bangkok Second Floor
Second Floor Area (note pallet furniture)

The name “Palate” was chosen for 3 reasons. It plays on the same sounding word “pallet” which was what some of their furniture was made with when they were starting out. It also plays on the Thai word “Pa– take you to” and “late“–as in encouraging customers to stay longer. Finally, it is also references “palate“,  a person’s appreciation for taste and flavor.

All of their seafood (with the exception of their salmon) is purchased from the Saphan Pla Fish Market located on Charoen Krung every night from 12am-1am. All of their produce is purchased nearby at the Pak Khlong Market. Khun Oil prides herself on doing the shopping herself to ensure the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

Both Aey and Oil are proud of the rapid growth of Palate, and the large fan base that enjoys eating their delicious food and enjoying the scene. They’ve taken great care to ensure that processes have been adopted to provide a consistent dining experience, and that kitchen stocks are properly managed to provide fresh ingredients at all times and keep the costs low. They have every reason to be proud of their creation.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

Palate Bangkok Front
Palate Restaurant/Bar Front

There are 6 floors to the building. Only the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th floors are used for dining and drinking. So if the rooftop experience is what you desire, don’t be turned away when you climb the stairs and find the 3rd and 4th floors not being used for customers. Keep climbing and you will be rewarded!

Palate is located just a few minutes walk from the Saphan Taksin BTS exit on Charoen Krung Road. Palate is a great place to dine alone, as a couple, or as a large group. They are also able to provide for private/event functions. Tuesdays through Fridays they have live acoustic music on the rooftop. Check out their Facebook page to see their latest promotions.

Supanniga Cruise – A Bangkok Fine Dining Experience!

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok

We recently had family visiting over the holidays. We wanted to be good hosts, and we wanted to do some things that were different for us, too. After all, how many times does a person really need to see the Grand Palace or Wat Pho? A dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya has been something my gal and I have wanted to do. But neither of particularly enjoy the idea of being on a crowded boat filled with tourists lining up for the buffet (which will have at least a couple of dishes with hot dogs in it), lining up for a bar that serves watery drinks, or to a bathroom that looks like it’s been destroyed. That’s when a friend suggested to me that we check out Supanniga Cruise (official Facebook page).

Unlike the larger dinner cruise lines that patrol the river at night blasting music, Supanniga Cruise offers a 40-seat dinner cruise with soft lounge music setting the mood. Instead of large unappetizing buffets, they offer a 6-course dinner course with the menu pulled from their famous restaurant favorites. Instead of bar queues and watery drinks, Supanniga offers a flute of Taittinger Champagne on arrival and excellent signature cocktails, beers, and wines on their bar menu–which is quickly serviced to your table.

But let’s get right to the food, shall we?

Amuse Bouche!

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok Coconut Rice Cake
Coconut Rice Cake

I am not ashamed to admit that I had no idea what an “amuse bouche” was. Basically it’s a little appetizer or as in this case, a pre-appetizer. We began our culinary adventure with a simple Coconut Rice Cake topped with caramelized sweetened coconut shavings and edible gold flake. It’s a good accompaniment with the champagne and a great way to get the appetizer going…

For more appetizers!

Supanniga Dinner Cruise Bangkok Appetizer

Each person was given a selection of three appetizers. A unique appetizer was the Mahor. This was basically minced pork, stir fried with garlic and peanuts, which was set on an orange slice with a bit of chili and coriander. Spice and orange slice…that kicks the tastebuds around a bit.

Another appetizer was the Sreng Wa Pu Pladuk Foo. This bowl consisted of large lumps of Surat Thani crab meat with a floss-like crispy catfish. It was accompanied with a sweet Thai herb dressing that seemed to dissolve the catfish before my eyes.

My personal favorite appetizer was the Kratong Tong. I could eat these ALL day. The appetizer consists of spicy minced chicken (similar to larb) in an edible crispy cup. It came with two. I’d have happily eaten twenty.

Soup’s on!

Supanniga Dinner Cruise Bangkok Soup
Tom Kha Pla Krapong Mapraow-On

After the appetizers we received the soup. We enjoyed the creamy Tom Kha Pla Krapong Mapraow-On. For those who are not familiar with this Thai soup, it’s tender sea bass in a creamy coconut broth with mushrooms, tomatoes, and slices of young coconut meat. It’s topped with coriander and a red chili. I would caution anyone from eating that chili. It’ll fire you up!

With Supanniga Cruise sharing is caring!

Suppaniga Cruise Bangkok
Sharing is caring!

The mains were put on larger dishes meant to be shared with everyone at the table.  There were five main courses and the portions were perfect for sharing (we were a table of five).

Pu Ja

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok
Pu Jah

The Pu Ja dish is one of my favorites.  Imagine meatballs of seasoned crab meat blended with pork which is stuffed back in the crab shell and steamed until cooked. Yum! Make sure you scrape all that goodness out of the shell!

Moo Cha Muang

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok Pork
Moo Cha Muang

This Moo Cha Muang is amazing over rice!  This dish is loaded with chunks of tender pork stewed with Thai herbs and Cha Muang leaves. This feels like comfort food, but there’s a lot of flavor there, too.

Son-in-Law Eggs

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok
Son-in-Law Eggs

With my mother-in-law present, this dish seemed appropriate to have on the menu. The Son-in-Law Eggs is a simple dish of fried medium boiled eggs with three-flavor sauce and fried shallots. For me it was the Asian equivalent to “deviled eggs”, so there was no problem having it at the dinner table.

Yum Nue Lai

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok Beef
Yum Nue Lai

This Yum Nue Lai dish is made with sliced chewy beef shank that’s tossed with a spicy Thai dressing and garnished with lots of fried garlic. I love those garlic crunchy bits.

Choo Chi Goong

Supanniga Cruise Bangkok Prawns
Choo Chi Goong

If you’re like me and you love seafood, you can see that I saved the best main to talk about last. Just look at it! This Choo Chi Goong dish is made with giant prawns that are sautéed in a sweet and spicy Thai curry. The prawns are cooked and seasoned perfectly. The sauce is also amazing to mop up with any rice you have left over from the meal!


Supanniga Cruise Bangkok
Mango Sticky Rice

This was a very uniquely presented Mango and Sticky Rice. The mango is sliced thin and shaped to create a flower. The “flower” rests on a pad of sticky sweet rice, which is surrounded by a thick coconut cream sauce. It’s the perfect size after the large meal, so you don’t overstuff yourself.

After dessert we were offered tea and petits fours (very tiny nibbles to accompany the tea).

A word about drinks….

Supanniga Dinner Cruise Bangkok
When James Bond Visits BKK (320 baht)

The drink menu offers some very interesting signature cocktails which range from 320 – 450 baht. These are some pretty serious libations, too. I really enjoyed the When James Bond Visits BKK (320 baht) cocktail. I am a fan of gin and this bay leave infused gin martini was pretty amazing to me.

They also offer a large selection of champagnes, and white and red wines. All can be purchased by bottle with varying prices. However, there’s only one selection available by glass.

How do I find out more and book?

Supanniga Cruise offers both an evening cocktail cruise and a full on dinner cruise (in this review). To find out more about their prices, schedules, and itineraries visit their website.

For my family and I we paid 3,250/person (though they do have a 10% discount for prepayment), and departed the River City Pier #2 at 6:15 pm. The cruise lasted a little over 2 hours, and it was a great way to show my family the sites along the Chao Phraya River which were lit up at night.

If you’re looking for a more intimate dinner cruise with excellent food, drinks, and service I highly recommend Supanniga Cruise.

Papa’s Kitchen – Delectable 5 Star Food and Service!

Papa's Kitchen Guv'nor

Many folks who live in Bangkok are familiar with Papa’s Kitchen (official Facebook page). Its name is synonymous with amazing burgers. In fact, you’re probably reading this now because of the amazing burger pictured on the cover, right? But there’s more to this place than burgers. Much, much, more. But the burgers are certainly a great start!

Let’s get straight to it then, shall we?

Their number #1 seller…

Papa's Kitchen Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheese Burger (350 baht)

All of Papa’s Kitchen’s burger meals come with a side of fries, waffle fries, or salad. This is Papa’s Kitchen’s #1 seller, the simple Bacon Cheese Burger (350 baht). It’s 160 grams of beef on a brioche bun topped with crispy bacon and chunks of real imported cheddar cheese. All of the Papa’s Kitchen beef patties are made with Australian beef from Hunter Valley. All burgers are cooked medium and the patties are seasoned simply using fresh ground pepper and sea salt–the meat is so good it doesn’t need to be doctored up. The brioche buns are specially made locally by Maison Jean Philippe according to Papa’s Kitchen’s own recipe.

This is a great burger to satisfy your cravings. The burger to bun ratio has been perfected here. You can eat this and be perfectly happy. But if you’re feeling like your Instagram account could use some food porn pictures then you may want to consider this monster….

Hello, Guv’nor!

Papa's Kitchen Bangkok Guv'nor Burger
The Guv’nor Burger (455 baht)

The Guv’nor Burger (455 baht) is the perfect fuel for triathletes (assuming “eating” is one of the three sport competitions) or for those who are looking for a shortcut to boost their Instagram viewership and/or Nap City. This monster burger is made with a 220 gram beef patty, chunks of real imported cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, beer battered onion strings, lettuce, wasabi coleslaw, in-house BBQ sauce, and a homemade jalapeño pickle to crown this sandwich achievement! When it hits your table your response should be “WOW!” and your first action should be to loosen your belt.

But if burgers are not your thing, Papa’s Kitchen has other menu items that will equally impress you!

Load it up!

Papa's Kitchen Bangkok Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (285 baht)

If you’re used to getting chicken sandwiches that are more bun than chicken then you’re about to have your world changed here. This Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (285 baht) is loaded with yard bird. In fact, it’s 250 grams of tender buttermilk marinated thigh meat! The chicken is batter dipped and fried, then tossed with in house made buffalo sauce. It’s served with homemade ranch dressing, and wasabi coleslaw, between two soft brioche buns.

This is the #1 non-beef selling sandwich and there’s no question as to why. It’s amazing. The chicken is succulent and reminiscent of tender, flavorful, boneless buffalo style chicken wings. The skin is intentionally left on so you get that nice crisp texture–naughty! As far as flavor experience and meal quantity go, this sandwich can easily go toe to toe with Papa’s Kitchen burgers. So if you’re not a fan of beef, you won’t be disappointed here!

Bangkok’s best fish n’ chips!

Papa's Kitchen Fish n' Chips
Fish n’ Chips (340/395 baht cod/haddock)

If you’re looking for fish n’ chips, Papa’s Kitchen has got what you need. Honestly this is the best fish experience I’ve had from a fish n’ chips meal here in Bangkok. I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for a couple of years, and am no stranger to this comforting dish.

Here at Papa’s kitchen you have two choices in fish: cod or haddock. I had the haddock upgrade Fish n’ Chips (395 baht). This comes with a skin on, thick 200 gram boneless haddock filet that’s lightly battered and fried. The skin basically dissolves adding a rich flavor to the filet. The batter seasoning is a closely guarded secret, and it’s perfectly seasoned. It brings out the flavor of the flaky filet without overpowering it. Accompanied with homemade tartar sauce, this fish is so good you’ll forget there are chips on the plate!


Papa's Kitchen Bangkok Minao Soda
Papa’s Minao Soda (85 baht)

Papa’s Kitchen has a dizzying variety of drinks at very reasonable prices. During this visit I sampled the Papa’s Manao Soda (85 baht), a Peach Tea (110 baht), and a decadent S-nickers shake (165 baht). My personal favorite was the thirst quenching manao soda–perfect for the Bangkok heat. However the peach tea, with it’s chunks of sweet peaches, were excellent with the buffalo chicken sandwich. The S-nickers ice cream shake was more like a dessert for me. It’s made with peanut butter, caramel sauce, chocolate ice cream, and whipped cream. It’s just like the candy bar but in a thick shake form!

Papa’s Kitchen also offers several craft beer, cocktail, and wine options for those wanting to imbibe a bit. All are reasonably priced, and they always offer daily wallet friendly drink specials for 199 baht (during this visit it was a Pineapple Rum Mojito).

A chat with the owner…

Papa's Kitchen Bangkok Team
Papa’s Kitchen Team

I was able to spend this visit chatting up Papa Kitchen’s owner, Jim Moroney. Jim hails from London, United Kingdom and began his career in the restaurant business early at the age of 15 as a chef. He quickly demonstrated himself in the restaurant world and after one particularly hectic 9 year period in which he personally opened 31 separate restaurants he decided it was time to take a break. That break landed him in Bangkok 10 years ago.

Unable to sit idle too long, he began some joint restaurant ventures until he finally decided  4 years ago to strike it out on his own with his wife, Julie. Papa’s Kitchen has the menu foundation (burgers and fish n’ chips) from his original enterprises, but also includes pastas, pizzas, and a few other comfort food mains.

Over half of the customers that frequent Papa’s Kitchen are weekly visitors. Thus Jim has designed a specials menu to keep things new. “Specials” doesn’t mean leftovers or things they are trying to sell out quickly. The specials board usually includes a burger, a pasta, and a healthy lo-carb fish choice. It’s important to Jim that his loyal customers enjoy these “special” offerings.  In Jim’s words, “It’s a special because it’s special.”

“My staff are family.” – Jim Moroney

Jim’s goal is to provide diners with a 5 star experience in both meal and service, but without having to pay a 5 star price. His staff are critical to ensuring customers get that experience. Jim understands this and has taken great efforts to train and mentor his employees. In fact, he has retained 95% of his original employees since Papa’s Kitchen opened its doors 4 years ago. That’s incredible in Bangkok’s restaurant industry!

Papa’s Kitchen can accommodate!

It’s amazing how Papa’s Kitchen transformed this shophouse into this dining space. It’s very open, well lit, and tastefully decorated. There’s also plenty of seating on the first and second floors, as well as some outside tables in the front. They are easily able to accommodate you or any group size!

I’m hungry! Where is it?

Papa's Kitchen Bangkok Front
Papa’s Kitchen Front

It’s unfortunate that Papa’s Kitchen isn’t located closer to a BTS or MRT station. But for those willing to make the trek you will be rewarded. They are located on Soi Phatthanakan 30. I took a motorcycle taxi from the On Nut BTS station to get there, and alternatively you can take a taxi from the Petchaburi MRT station to get there.

Papa’s kitchen is currently developing a new and exciting restaurant location in the Bangkok suburbs that will be announced soon. Staying tuned to their Facebook page for future news and updates on their monthly and midweek promotions is a smart play.

For those not wanting to make the trek, Food Panda can be your friend here. The menu and prices are the same as the restaurant (but without the specials). I highly recommend Papa’s Kitchen for a great 5 star meal and experience without having to pay a 5 star price!

Hair of the Dog – An Incredible Craft Beer Experience!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Chicken

It’s no secret that I love good food. But one thing that I love just as much as good food is a good craft beer. There are many bars in Bangkok that focus on offering a bevy of craft beers (some with seemingly endless rows of taps). But Hair of the Dog (official website)  focuses on offering the best craft beer experience in Bangkok. It’s why they’ve won Ratebeer’s Best Bar in Thailand every year since opening 2015, 2016, and 2017.

When I discovered they also serve up an interesting food menu, this seemed like the perfect place to take my two blogger buddies, BKK JUNK and The Roaming Cook, for a “brotastic” collaborative review of the beer and chow!

As it’s a craft beer bar, let’s start with the suds!

Hair of the Dog – Curating the best beers in Bangkok!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Taps
15 Rotating Taps

I’m not writing about each and every beer I tried because they frequently rotate their selection of brews. I’d hate for you to be disappointed if they don’t have a particular beer I mention when you visit. Instead I will tell you a little bit about their beers that’s going to make you thirsty for one!

Hair of the Dog offers 15 rotating taps (with more to come) of the best craft beers available. It’s not  the “what’s on sale” beer pushed by distributors.  The owners try the beers before they buy the beers. They are very knowledgable about craft beer and very selective with what they serve.

They proudly feel they are “curating the best“. As a result you can’t go wrong getting a beer there.Prices range accordingly, and there is a “tap of the month” served up in a large glass offered as low as 200 baht..

The tap beers are usually poured in bottle sized amounts (12 oz) so that you can get a fair sampling of beers. Unless you’re Andre the Giant, you don’t want a pint sized glass of 15% ABV brew. The bar staff are very knowledgable and will enthusiastically make recommendations based on your tastes and offer samples to make sure you get exactly what you want.

What about bottled beer?

Maybe you’re missing a particular bottled brew from home. Maybe you want to have a label to look at while you’re enjoying your beer. Hair of the Dog offers between 150-200 bottled beers from around the world. The prices range from the budget friendly Moosehead (100 baht) to a 750 ml bottle of very rare, barrel aged 15% brew (1,500 baht). The average bottle range is 260 baht (and there’s a 20% discount for takeaways). You’re certain to find a good bottle in your price range!

Let’s talk food!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok
The feast!

One thing that attracted me to reviewing Hair of the Dog was their food menu. Don’t expect a large restaurant sized menu. This is a bar. But each dish on the menu is certainly meant to be enjoyed with a good beer or after a few beers. Let me show you what I mean…

Note: the food menu at the Hair of the Dog  Phrom Phong branch (in this review) differs from what’s available at their Phloen Chit branch.

Cheesy Larb Balls that fire up your thirst!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Larb Balls
Cheesy Larb Balls (200 baht)

If you’re a traditional Thai cuisine enthusiast then you will be horrified by this dish. However, if you want to fire up your taste buds and prime your mouth for more beer consumption, these spicy Cheesy Larb Balls (200 baht) will do the trick! These meatballs are made with spicy pork with a melty cheese curd in the center and is served with homemade coleslaw.

Finger licking good!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Tenders (220 baht)

These Buffalo Chicken Tenders (220 baht) are so pretty they deserved to be on this article cover. They’re made with fried lightly battered boneless chicken breasts smothered in spicy buffalo wing sauce with blue cheese dressing drizzled over it. This is some great beer snack here!

What’s a “poutine”?

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Poutine
Classic Canadian Poutine (220 baht)

I’d never heard of this dish before, nor realized how serious it is to my friends north of the USA. Poutine originates from Canada’s Quebec province and is basically French fries, cheese curds, and a brown gravy sauce. This Classic Canadian Poutine (220 baht) was given an enthusiastic approval by my buddy, BKK JUNK, a native of Quebec!

The cheese curds are legit, and the gravy is rich and flavorful. The very south of the border twist with the jalapeños is unusual but it works. It’s also served in a styrofoam takeaway package so this could be a great dish to order on your way out when you’ve had a few beers under your belt!

Finally! Carb-loading done right….

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Grilled Mac N Cheese
Grilled Mac n Cheese (280 baht)

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had a few nights in my life where I’ve walked out of a the bar when all food places are closed.  This is Bangkok…it’s not unusual. On my way home I’d picture in mind the perfect sandwich I planned to make before hopping into bed.  Maybe it looked like this picture.

But this isn’t what I made. What I made came out a little burned (okay a lot) and had me knocking blaring smoke detectors off my ceilings (there are 4 floors in my shophouse and smoke seems to rise).

If something similar has happened to you, let Hair of the Dog save you from burning your house down. Save yourself the trouble of airing out your house and and get a good night sleep after your night of imbibing. This Grilled Mac n Cheese (280 baht) is the thing to get if you’ve had a few!

A chat with the owners…

Hair of the Dog Bangkok Owners
Mike and Pete

I was able to coordinate the visit with the owners of Hair of the Dog, Mike and Pete. They both met while building up the Mikkeller Bangkok branch. They worked well together and decided to build their own brand and take the craft beer experience to a new direction. Their goals: elevate the craft beer experience, and educate the next generation of craft beer enthusiasts.

The Hair of the Dog bar was designed with these goals in mind. To create a unique social vibe there are no low seating chairs and no roaming service staff. This encourages customers to mingle at the bar. Additionally, the 80’s, 90’s, alternative and hip hop music is kept to an acceptable level in which folks can hold a conversation. It is a place for making connections, and loners will easily find others to socially bond over drinks with.

Their first Hair of the Dog branch opened in the Phloen Chit area in July, 2015 and based on that success the new branch opened in Phrom Phong. They wanted both locations to be in places that were easily accessible for Bangkok workers to get to (both near BTS stations) after a long day’s work so that they could continue to cultivate a good following of regulars.

Beer kept cold from the brewer to the bar tap!

Hair of the Dog Bangkok

Mike and Pete try before they buy. They seek out the craft beers that are not just good, but also interesting and a good value. Both are very active in the craft beer community. Staying current on craft beer trends is important to them as they want to “curate the best” for their customers.

Curating the best means buying the best craft beer and handling and serving it the way it’s meant to be served. When designing the bar the most expensive thing installed was the tap system. Both are passionate about maintaining the “cold chain” from the brewer to bar tap. Even the lines leading from the keg to the tap are chilled. You will always get a cold beer here.

They are equally passionate about educating their customers. There are no “beer sample flights” on the menu. They are not needed. If you want to try something the bar staff are happy to pour a small sample. Additionally all of the bar staff are very knowledgeable about craft beer and what they have in their inventory. You’ll find them quite eager to find the right beer for you.

Video time!

Here’s a video from our day enjoying some fine craft beers and solid bar food. The filming and editing is a la BKK JUNK who really had his work cut out for him!

I’m thirsty and hungry! Where is it?

The Hair of the Dog Phrom Phong branch is located an easy walking distance from the Phrom Phong BTS station on the Villa Market Alley that connects to Sukhumvit Soi 33/1. This is a great place to come alone or with friends. Non-beer drinking friends will also feel welcome here as they have a solid cocktail menu ranging from 200-300 baht from their cocktail bar “The Clinic” located on their mezzanine.

They are open from 5pm to midnight Monday through Friday, and 11am to midnight on weekends. For a real “Hair of the Dog” experience, roll in before 4pm on the weekend so that you can visit the Breakfast Story on their second floor and have a beer with your eggs and bacon!

The below map is to their Phrom Pong location (which was reviewed). Their other location, the Hair of the Dog Phloen Chit branch is located here.