101 Restaurant – My BEST English Breakfast in Bangkok!

101 Restaurant Bangkok

Update (13FEB23): 101 Restaurant is no longer in operation.

First off, I rarely use the word “best” much less capitalize it in my article titles. It’s certain there are many places in Bangkok that serve a fantastic English breakfast. and I am certainly not saying that the 101 Restaurant (official Facebook page) has THE best English breakfast in Bangkok. I am saying that they offer the BEST English breakfast that I’ve had in Bangkok to date, and I have tried a few places.

Yes, I am an American. That being said, I’ve previously lived in the United Kingdom and I’m no stranger to a proper full English brekkie. In fact, when traveling around the UK I preferred to stay at B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast), and if they served a proper full English breakfast the place would endear me to them and they’d be receiving my repeat biz. I mention this because that’s what I kept remembering the first time I had this meal at 101 Restaurant.

That being said, if you’re a fan of English food you’re going to enjoy this article. But if you are on a cholesterol restricted diet I caution you from reading further or recreating my experience…

A breakfast feast!

101 Restaurant Bangkok
The feast!

I was joined by my friend John (check out his Sweet3Mango site!). He first introduced me to 101 Restaurant and I could really use his help eating this feast. We basically shared the two meals, but even then I had leftovers for the next day’s breakfast.

Let’s start with the English breakfast…


101 Restaurant Bangkok English Breakfast
The Full Monty (330 baht)

This is The Full Monty (330 baht).  It comes with 2 eggs any style, 2 slices of bacon, 2 pork sausages, black pudding, hash browns, baked beans, and a grilled tomato and mushrooms. What’s not pictured is the two slices of thick toast and tea (or coffee) that comes with it. If this is a bit much for you, and it certainly was for me so I am not judging, go for The Half Monty (235 baht).  It’s basically the same thing but with 1 less bacon and sausage.

What makes this a proper English breakfast for me is the quality and authenticity of their sausages, bacon, and black pudding. If you’ve been disappointed before with a brekkie that had hotdogs or lunch meat on the plate you will really appreciate this experience. The 101 Restaurant buys all of their English goods locally from Bunter’s Foods Bangkok. Bunter’s makes all of their products in accordance with strict quality controls, using traditional recipes and methods. You will taste the difference.

Eggs Benedict!

101 Restaurant Bangkok Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict with Salmon (210 baht)

I love this dish. This is the Eggs Benedict (210 baht). You can get it with a choice of English bacon or Norwegian smoked salmon. I chose the salmon and was not disappointed with the very generous serving of flavorful thinly sliced salmon topping the English muffin, crowned with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce.

This dish is impressive with its portion size. I have had this dish at other restaurants in which I received half of this portion and paid more than 210 baht! If you’re a fan of Eggs Benedict, this should be on your radar.

A chat with the owner…

101 Restaurant Bangkok Owners
Peter and Gay

I had the good fortune to sit down with the 101 Restaurant owner, Pete. After talking with him I began to understand why it was their English breakfast so good.

Pete’s originally from Derby, United Kingdom. He has spent many years working and living far from his birthplace. He moved to Bangkok in 1984, and has certainly seen many changes.

Pete has spent much of his time in the Big Mango cooking and it’s no coincidence that 3 out 5 of the places he’s worked at have made the top 5 places for an English Breakfast (Queen Victoria (now Scruffy Murphy’s), Chequers, and Bobby’s Arms). It’s no surprise that the English Breakfast at 101 Restaurant is so amazing. My hope is that some day it may be recognized and make that top 5 list as well.

After the Queen Victoria was sold to new owners, Pete and his lovely bride, Gay, decided to make a go of running their own restaurant and purchased the 101 Restaurant. They have been operating the restaurant for 2 years and it’s become a place for locals in the Sukhumvit 101 area to relax, and enjoy some great food and service, without breaking the bank.  It has been one of those places that folks go to by introduction or by word of mouth. Until today as I write this, they didn’t have a Facebook presence Pete could manage so it hasn’t been exactly well advertised. It’s a bit bare so give their new page some love!

101 Restaurant – An oasis on Sukhumvit 101/1!

When I first walked into the 101 Restaurant it seemed like a tiny, hole in the wall restaurant. If you pass through to the glass doors at the end of the restaurant you will find they open up to a large peaceful garden seating area. It’s a great respite from the noise and dust of Sukhumvit!

Out in the garden area you forget that you’re at a restaurant. You feel like you’re at a home…or an English B&B if you’ve got a full on breakfast before you!

Though this article has been about the amazing breakfast feast we enjoyed. There is plenty on their menu for lunch and dinner. Pete recommended their very tender and flavorful Beef Stew (295 baht) and their Fish and Chips (295 baht) which comes with a generous portion of battered cod fish. They also have a special all-you-can eat BBQ party on the last Saturday of the month for 250 baht/person. I recommend checking their Facebook page for future events and specials.

All of there prices are net with no service charge.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

101 Restaurant Bangkok

The 101 Restaurant is actually located on Sukhumvit Soi 101/1. It’s within easy walking distance of the Udom Suk BTS station. From Sukhumvit, turn on Soi 101/1 and you’ll find it on the left hand side of the street. There’s just a small hanging circular wooden placard hanging in front with the number “101” on it. No flashy neon signs here.

I highly recommend this place if you want excellent food, service, and value. If you have a BIG appetite, or are training for an eating competition, order the Full Monty!

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  1. Thinking of doing the same ‘up country ‘ but worried about not having a work permit, is it possible as it’s not taking work from a Thai as I’m a Brit and know how to cook a British breakfast.

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