The 51 Tasty Moments – For Bangkok Families & Foodies!

Update (13FEB23): The 51 Tasty Moments is no longer in operation.

I recently had an opportunity to visit The 51 Tasty Moments (official Facebook page), Bangkok’s newest family and foodie friendly hideaway in Bangkok. What makes it family friendly is the ample space for kids to play (including a toy filled playroom). What makes it foodie friendly is the incredible menu they’ve curated and culinary talent they’ve attracted.

The restaurant name stems from the fact that it’s located on Sukhumvit Soi 51. If you explore the menu you’ll find that there’s A LOT MORE than 51 tasty moments to discover. It is the new home for famous Singaporean Chef Clement Roland Ng and his creative fusion signature Clik dishes. The menu also contains delicious Mediterranean grills and mezzes, rotisserie chicken, charcuteries and fine cheeses by Les Frères Marchand, and desserts. There’s something here for everyone to have a tasty moment.

Let me show you!

Get ready to feast!

There’s so much to offer on the menu. As you’ll soon see we certainly had a lot to try, too. So where to begin? Let’s begin with the unique dishes by Clik!

Clik – A fusion experience!

A Clik Sampler…

If you’re a fan of fusion cuisine then you will be blown away by Chef Clement Roland Ng’s creations. Items such as Ginger Leak, Peanut Butter Fish (400 baht) will jump out at you for their uniqueness. For our visit Chef Clement made a few recommendations to try some of his more popular dishes–we chose to listen.

Pan Fried Watermelon

Pan Fried Watermelon (230 baht)

An excellent way to kickstart your tastebuds is to try this Pan Fried Watermelon (230 baht) appetizer. Thick slices of watermelon are (you guessed it!) pan fried and served atop rice crackers with balsamic glaze and feta cheese. It’s a super savory snack with chewy, crunchy textures and a great way to start a meal.

Organic Pork in Miang Kum Style

Organic Pork in Miang Kum Style (520 baht)

Miang Kum is a leaf-wrapped hors d’oeuvre common as a street food treat, I’ve rarely seen it on a restaurant menu. This Organic Pork in Miang Kum Style (520 baht) is one of those build-it-yourself snacks. The dish comes with slices of lime, bowls with chili, dried shrimp, ginger, red onion, crispy shallots, peanuts, and thick slices of tender Thai seasoned organic Kurobuta pork tenderloin which you wrap in the leaves.

If assembled correctly it should look something like this!

Khao Soi Chicken…pasta?

Khao Soi Chicken Pasta (230 baht)

I am a HUGE fan of Khao Soi noodle soups. It’s not a surprise that this Khao Soi Chicken Pasta (230 baht) dish would be a big hit for me. Chef Clement tosses tender chicken thigh meat with creamy khao soi (with just a hint of spicy chili heat) with spaghetti noodles and grated parmesan. The parmesan threw me off at first, but it works. If you’re a fan of Khao Soi I highly recommend you give this dish a try!

Next we’ll move on to the Mediterranean dishes we tried.

Some Mediterranean delights…

A Mediterranean spread…

I lived in the coastal city of Izmir, Turkey for 3 years. From that experience I’ve developed a special place in my heart (and stomach) for Mediterranean cuisine. The 51 Tasty Moments menu is filled with delicious Mediterranean grills and mezzes that their Syrian chef makes interesting culinary tweaks to.

Hummus & Mushrooms

Hummus & Mushrooms (230 baht)

Adding sautéed mushrooms to hummus is such a simple but effective way to boost the flavor of this simple mezze. The Hummus & Mushrooms (230 baht) with pita bread is a great starter to enjoy while waiting for your mains.

Eggplant Caviar

Eggplant Caviar (230 baht)

Don’t let the name mislead you, there’s no fish roe in this dish. Rather the “caviar” are pomegranate kernels. This roasted eggplant dish is reminiscent of Baba Ganoush, but instead of tahini it’s packed with more veggies. It’s definitely a starter that’s bursting with flavor and complements the hummus starter well.


Falafel (220 baht)

A tasty chickpea “meatball”, these Falafel (220 baht) are slightly crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. It’s topped with roasted sesame seeds to give it a nutty crunch and served with cherry tomato slices, red onions seasoned with lemony sumac powder, and a side of tahini sauce.

From the grill…

Spicy Meatball Skewers at The 51 Tasty Moments Bangkok
Beef Spicy Meat Balls (360 baht)

No Mediterranean feast would be complete without something from the grill. These Beef Spicy Meat Balls (360 baht) are skewered between chunks of eggplant and served on a large pita bread with onions and tomatoes. The meat is very tender and lightly seasoned with red chili flakes to give it a very mild kick.

Lamb Boneless Shoulder (420 baht)

The Lamb and Boneless Shoulder (420 baht) skewers are similarly served but with roasted onions, peppers, and tomatoes instead. The lamb is organic and sourced locally from a farm in Sukhothai.

Most popular dishes…

Rotisserie Chicken

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention a couple of very popular and highly recommended dishes to try. The first being their rotisserie chicken.

rotisserie chicken at The 51 Tasty Moments Bangkok
Farmer’s Baby Chicken (780 baht)

There are 3 menu choices for the rotisserie chicken: Farmer’s Baby Chicken 900g (780 baht), Farmer’s Chicken in Chef Special Marinade Half 600g (660 baht), and Whole 1,200g (1,090 baht). Each is served with grilled potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a small pitcher of gravy.

Ahmet, the owner, swears it’s the best chicken in town. During our visit we saw many platters of rotisserie chicken making their way to tables so I’m not going to bet against his claims.

Sea Bass Ceviche at The 51 Tasty Moments Bangkok
Sea Bass Ceviche (560 baht)

The second popular dish to recommend is this Sea Bass Ceviche (560 baht). Good luck finding this anywhere else in Bangkok. It’s very fresh and has also been given a little spicy Thai kick! If you’re a fan of ceviche give this a try.

“Light” Bites

Are you just looking to drink some wine and engage in some “light snacking”? The 51 Tasty Moments also offers a deli counter where you can build your own charcuterie and cheese boards. These are premium meats with cheeses from world-renowned Les Frères Marchand.

A sampling of meats and cheeses…

That being said, they’ve managed to keep their prices pretty reasonable. A 3 cheese platter of 150 g or a 3 meat platter of 300 g are each 420 baht. But as each platter is tailored to your choice of meats or cheeses (and weights) the prices can vary. The massive 6 meat platter pictured above was (1,040 baht).

6 Meat Sampler (1,040 baht) and 3 Cheese Sampler (420 baht)

If you’re a fan of creamy blue cheese I cannot recommend highly enough the Bleu De De Brebis Cire made with ewe milk. It melts in your mouth (and admittedly gives you some funky breath afterwards).

Save room for dessert…

Save room to try some of the desserts they offer. There’s plenty of tarts to choose from to provide a sweet finish to a meal.

Macaroons (75 baht)

But if you only have a little space left in your belly, as I felt, try a Macaroon (75 baht). All of the ingredients to make these delicious sweets are imported from France. You won’t be disappointed!

A chat with the owner…

Ahmet Yuceer, Owner

I met Ahmet Yuceer in November, 2018 when he first opened a small bistro specializing in Mediterranean fare called “Little Brochette”. An Istanbul native, with a passion for food, I was impressed with the quality and authentic flavors they were presenting. He’d hinted that he was working on something bigger. I hadn’t realized then that he was talking about The 51 Tasty Moments.

The 51 Tasty Moments opened March 28, 2019. Ahmet’s vision was to create an oasis for families and fans of good food in Bangkok. The results have made it a bit difficult to classify. But Ahmet made it clear to me that it is not a bistro. He’s very proud that they only use premium ingredients in all of their dishes, and they take great care in the presentation. But it’s not considered fine dining either. The prices are reasonable, and the venue is very family friendly. If you had to label it, it’s an oasis for families and foodies.

A playroom for the kiddos!

On Sunday’s between 11am-3pm it is an especially popular location for families to enjoy the Sunday All-You-Can-Eat Garden BBQ and Salad Bar (890 baht) with live music performances.

Not a daycare…

But though it’s certainly a family friendly affair, don’t get the impression it’s a daycare. The 51 Tasty Moments is also very popular for professionals of all ages who are looking to unwind with friends or coworkers away from the hectic Sukhumvit strip. On the Saturday afternoon that we were visiting there was a mix of families with small kids, older kids, couples, and friends of all ages enjoying the scene. They also had a group of gals making a short film which captured the mood and food pretty well!

With buy 1 get 1 free deals everyday on beers and cocktails it’s no wonder it’s a popular place to unwind after work! They also offer rotating set lunch specials, so if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the office they are worth a visit.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

The 51 Tasty Moments Bangkok

The 51 Tasty Moments is located an easy walking distance from the Thong Lo BTS station at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 51. But if you don’t feel like hoofing it, take advantage of their free shuttle service.

Free shuttle service!

Call ahead (02 012 1851) after you arrive at the Thong Lo BTS station and they’ll send a free shuttle service to pick you up in front of the Bangkok International Preparatory School. They will also return you back there when you’re ready to leave.

There’s plenty of dining space inside and covered space outside (so no need to worry about the rainy season). Additionally, they have a private dining space that you can book in advance for special occasions and can cater events in advance. There’s also ample on-site parking available to accommodate those who want to drive.

Should you visit I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram. However you choose, I’d love to hear from you!

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