Adobo Pizza & Meatball House – Wow!

UPDATE (February 24, 2019): I’ve been informed that Adobo Pizza & Meatball House is no longer in operation. The owner of La Tasca felt it best to consolidate the operations. Therefore the pizzas noted in this article can be had at La Tasca.

Last month I discovered the La Tasca restaurant dishing out some seriously delicious, unique, and large portioned tapas at very reasonable prices. One thing I didn’t mention in that article was that as soon as my gal and I entered we saw another couple dining on a fusion masala meatball pizza. It looked absolutely amazing! I chose to focus only on the tapas dishes for that visit and made a mental note to return again and try it another day. But then Adobo Pizza & Meatball House (official Facebook page) was born!

I will tell you more about the genesis of Bangkok’s newest restaurant for amazing pizzas and meatballs later. Let’s just get straight to the chow so you can see exactly what makes this place so special and why all I could think of to write for this article title was “Wow!”.

Note: I shared this meal with my visiting mother in law and two friends. Two pizzas and two sides would be a bit much for me even at my hungriest!

Adobo Pizza & Meatball House: Combining two great things!

Adobo Pizza & Meatball House - Fusion Masala Meatball
Fusion Masala Meatballs Pizza (320 baht)

Of course I had to order the Fusion Masala Meatballs Pizza (320 baht). It’s the dish that originally piqued my interest from my last visit to La Tasca. Plus it’s got the two things the restaurant specializes in: meatballs and pizza!

All of the pizzas are made “Roman” style so don’t expect thick, fluffy crusts. These crusts are thin and crispy. The plus side is that you can eat an entire pizza and not feel like you need to be rolled out the restaurant to the nearest bed. Another benefit to the thin crust is that it allows the toppings to be the star of the show. These toppings deserve the limelight!

The ingredients on this pizza are simple: tender chicken meatballs with fusion masala sauce, a generous amount of melted mozzarella, and a few basil leaves. It’s a winning combo and I highly recommend it!

Bruschetta: Combining two more great things!

Bruschetta (120 baht)

We where in luck as we went on a day that they had a special that you could get a meatball side or bruschetta free with the purchase of a pizza. So with our first pizza we had this Bruschetta (120 baht usually) as a starter. I’m a fan of bruschetta as it’s another dish that combines two great things: bread and salad. It’s also a great appetizer with the crunchy baguette and fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil topping.

This is an amazing pizza you’ve never had before…

Adobo Pizza and Meatball House Adobo Pizza
Adobo Pizza (320 baht)

Taking a page from the La Tasca menu, this Adobo Pizza (320 baht) is made with the same “special pork” from their Special Pork in Canary Island Adobo tapas. What makes this pork so special is the 3 day marinade that leaves it incredibly flavorful and tender. Another simple pizza, it’s made with the special pork, red onions, tomatoes, and plenty of mozzarella cheese and a few fresh basil leaves. This is another highly recommended pizza!

Honestly, looking at their menu you can’t go wrong with ordering any of their pizzas. For my next visit I intend to try the Cold Cuts Pizza (330 baht) made with Salami, Chorizo Extra, Chorizo Pamplona, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella! For folks that are not into meaty pizzas there is also a vegetarian and a vegan pizza option.

More meatballs please…

Adobo Pizza and Meatball House Meatballs
Pork and Chicken Meatballs (190 baht)

With the Adobo pizza we had these Pork and Chicken Meatballs with Traditional Spicy Sauce (190 baht). We ordered it not spicy so as to spare my mother in law’s taste buds–she’s not a fan of the heat. If you’re a fan of meatballs you will love Adobo Pizza & Meatball House.

They serve 5 different meatball dishes. There are three Pork and Chicken Meatball dishes (with French Old Mustard Sauce (210 baht), with Traditional Spicy Sauce (190 baht), and with Mediterranean Sauce (200 baht)). They also have a Beef and Pork Meatball with White Sauce (230 baht) and a Chicken Meatball In Fusion Masala Sauce (240 baht).

Another chat with the owner…

Adobo Pizza and Meatball House Dani Betancor

Chef Dani is the owner for both La Tasca and Adobo Pizza & Meatball House. To learn about Dani’s really interesting past I recommend reading this article with my first interview of him. The genesis of Adobo Pizza & Meatball House stems from the incredible reaction to regular La Tasca customers after trying Dani’s fusion meatball and pizza dishes. He realized that he had something special and decided it would be best to branch off this branding from the tapas restaurant and create a new restaurant.

La Tasca now focuses on tapas and Spanish cuisine. The new restaurant, Adobo Pizza & Meatball House, focuses on…you guessed it, pizzas and meatballs. But they also offer pasta dishes that are certainly worth investigating (I’d love to try the Spanish Chorizo Macaroni (240 baht)) as well as salads and other appetizers.

As I mentioned in the previous interview, Dani’s two passions are innovating in the kitchen and providing a warm environment for customers to feel at home and enjoy a home cooked meal. That mentality where customers are family and simple food becomes a gourmet experience has carried over from La Tasca and taken root at Adobo Pizza & Meatball house.

I’m starving! Where is it?

Adobo Pizza and Meatball House Outside

UPDATE (February 24, 2019): I’ve been informed that Adobo Pizza & Meatball House is no longer in operation. The owner of La Tasca felt it best to consolidate the operations. Therefore the pizzas noted in this article can be had at La Tasca.

The Google Map to La Tasca is below:

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