What if I told you that Bangkok has a French restaurant and gourmet store that has fantastic wines at prices so low you might just leave with a bottle to bring home with you? What if I told you they also offered completely authentic French homestyle cuisine, with generous portions, at very reasonable prices, and that their service is so warm and attentive that you feel like you’ve found  a new home? Let me introduce you to Bacchus&Co (official Facebook page).

Recently opened, Bacchus&co is the ultimate restaurant for the French foodie and wine enthusiast. Their menu  offers something to satisfy every appetite–from the hungriest diner, to the lightest snacker. I went there for lunch and had been told that I should go there hungry as there is much on the menu that simply must be tried. I’d also heard that Thursday is when they receive their fresh Fines de Claire oysters and Bouchot mussels. So planning for lunch on a Friday seemed like the smart play!

Something from the sea…

I went hungry, and ready to pamper myself. I started my lunch with a sampler of 3 Fines De Claire Oysters (180 baht or $5.42) which were served on a bed of ice with a lemon wedge and sweet chili vinaigrette on the side. Eating raw oysters is a new experience for me.  I must say I am really enjoying the sensation of what tastes like eating slurps of refreshing ocean.

Bacchus&Co Fresh Raw Fines de Claire Oysters
Fresh Raw Fines de Claire Oysters (180 baht)

Something from land…

I followed up the oysters with a treat that is even more rare for me to enjoy, a 6 piece set of escargots in garlic and parsley butter (290 baht or $8.74). They were served with thin slices of chewy bread which I used to mop up all of the garlic butter sauce.

Bacchus&Co Escargot Set
6 Piece Escargot (290 baht)

After the two appetizers, I had an amazing Goat Cheese Salad (160 baht or $4.82). It was served with 3 thick rounds of melted, gooey goat cheese on crispy baguette slices, on a bed of mixed greens with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. Decorating the sides of the bowl were streaks of sweet honey to spread on the goat cheese.

Bacchus&Co Goat Cheese Salad
Goat Cheese Salad (160 baht)

I ordered bœuf bourguignon (230 baht or $6.93) for the main, and was amazed at not only the quality and flavor, but also the generous portion of beef. So tender was the beef that my knife felt useless. The beef was accompanied with a large portion of creamy mashed potatoes. I purposed the fresh bread to sop up all the delicious red-wine sauce.

Bacchus&Co Bœuf Bourguignon
Bœuf Bourguignon (230 baht)

Amazing wine values!

Accompanying the salad and 2 starters I enjoyed a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I then ordered a glass of Chianti to enjoy with the beef dish. Each glass was 120 baht ($3.61). This is not a typo. I was drinking fantastic wines for cheaper than most restaurants would charge me for a beer!

Save room for dessert!

Not done with my pampering, I finished off my lunch with a Chocolate Lava Cake (150 baht or $4.52). The cake was filled with thick hot chocolate sauce and accompanied with 3 different cookie wafers and a large scoop of French vanilla ice cream. I’m not proud–but I have NO regrets.

Bacchus&Co Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake (150 baht)

A chat with the Bacchus&Co owner…

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with the owner, Luc Busin. He informed me that the mission for Bacchus&Co was to take away the “fear” many in Bangkok have about the costs of eating French food. Typical fears many in the Big Mango have especially with regards to the costs of French wine. Luc brought costs down to very reasonable levels by becoming the direct distributor for the wines they serve. He personally evaluates each wine to ensure they would be enjoyable with the cuisine. He has also worked closely with local quality sources for their menu ingredients.

Thai French Butchery provides their excellent meats, and the Royal Project Foundation provides their organic produce. Luc theorizes that the food served at Bacchus&Co is best enjoyed with wine, and that the cost of wine should never diminish the joy of the food. As a wine enthusiast, I agree.

Bacchus&Co offers plenty of seating options for the solo diner up to large groups who want to purchase bottles directly from the shelves and make it a festive evening.

I recommend Bacchus&Co as an excellent place to enjoy amazing food and wine at reasonable prices. After my meal, I left with a very enjoyable bottle of organic French red wine for 550 baht ($16.58). This is an unbelievable price for Bangkok. I would wager that if you dine here, odds are you will walk out with bottle as well.



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