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I don’t think it’s a secret that I really, really enjoy a good burger. I’m always on the lookout for new burger joints with rave reviews. I’ve seen a lot of chatter in local papers and food blogs about a place called Bad Burger Bangkok (official website). With a name like that it has to be good, right?

Bad Burger Bangkok has a great menu with many affordable burgers and craft beers. But if you only try their burgers then you will be walking away with only half of the talent the kitchen puts out because their ribs are absolutely amazing, too! But first let’s talk about some of their burgers.

The Sidekick Burger

Bad Burger Bangkok Sidekick Burger

Sidekick Burger (289 baht)


The Sidekick Burger is made with a generous patty of well seasoned and medium cooked Australian beef (super juicy and flavorful), with melted gruyere cheese, sweet and smoky caramelized onions, perfectly cooked bacon (not too crispy, and plenty of meat), a BBQ style sauce, tomato, and onion, all sandwiched between a seeded brioche bun that knocked my socks off! Most impressive is that they make their own buns in house. The bun is so light and fluffy, and not the least bit crumbly.  When pressed together with the burger these buns have just the slightest toasted crunch and chewiness. (Homemade gluten-free buns available for an extra 20 baht.)

The Basic Bit

Bad Burger Bangkok Basic BIt

Basic Bit (249 baht)

The Basic Bit Burger (their most popular burger) is made with chargrilled beef, cheddar cheese, red onions, pickle, lettuce, tomato, and their special sauce. All, of course, sandwiched between a homemade seeded brioche bun that will unhinge any low carb diet followers. It is your perfect classic cheeseburger, perfectly balanced in both flavor and texture.

Bad Burger Bangkok offers more than just burgers…

Bad Burger Bangkok Half Rack of BBQ Ribs

Half Rack of Smokin’ Ribs (359 baht)

As if their amazing burgers weren’t enough, the BBQ ribs will impress you further! The half rack of Smokin’ Ribs is perfect for two people to share (especially when you factor in the burgers and sides). The ribs are slow-cooked for 24 hours so that the meat just falls off the bone. They are topped with a delicious BBQ sauce and singed slightly.

The BBQ sauce is like none other that I’ve tried and I hope that Bad Burger Bangkok considers selling jars of sauce in the future. It’s unlike a traditional American sauce…it has a very slight spice to it, almost Middle-Eastern. Cardamon? Anise? I honestly couldn’t tell you. But you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t try them on your visit. For the single diner the menu offers a meal set called The Villain Duo. This combo includes any menu burger and a Quarter Rack of Ribs for an additional 150 baht. That’d be my recommendation for the solo diner–diet be damned.

Vegetarians welcome!

A surprising feature on their menu is that there’s not one, but two vegetarian burgers (239 baht with side)! Each one has a different style vegetarian patty for variety, and both include vegan cheese (coconut & soy). Each patty is created with different veggies, beans, and mushrooms to provide the best texture and umami flavor. At Bad Burger Bangkok, the vegetarian burgers are not on the menu so that vegetarians have an option when they join their carnivorous friends for a meal. They are on the menu to provide outstanding vegetarian burgers to be enjoyed!

A chat with the owner/chef..

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to sit down with the proprietor and chef of Bad Burger Bangkok, Poupee Paethanom (a.k.a Chef Poupée). On the Bad Burger Bangkok website Chef Poupée has shared her story of how she went from being a rising star in the world of fine dining to “flipping burgers“. It’s an inspiring story of a strong woman who one day made the unexpected decision to completely break away from the expected career path of the food world. Instead she opted to walk away and forge her own path to happiness. 

Chef Poupée told me that she was essentially unsatisfied cooking fine dining meals. She felt that folks who spent so much on food were less likely to provide accurate feedback. Who wants to admit the 5,000 baht they just spent on a meal wasn’t really that good? With hamburgers she can see guests enjoying her food and feedback is genuine.

Why burgers?

Chef Poupée admitted that she’s really not a huge fan of hamburgers. It is not that she doesn’t enjoy a good burger every now and then. She’s just not a burger “nut”. But she’s immensely satisfied with the simplicity of making a great burger and the honest and immediate feedback from customers. She is also able to design a varied hamburger menu which maximizes the purpose of ingredients while minimizing the risk of waste.

Make good food, not food waste!

It’s extremely important to Chef Poupée that food is not wasted. Buns that are not sold are turned into breadcrumbs to coat their breaded chicken burger. Scraps of cheese that are not able to be used on burgers are mixed and melted to provide a decadent raclette like topping upgrade on any burger called “Kill Me Cheese”. The small thin onions left over after making onion rings and burger toppings are caramelized and turned into another burger topping. BBQ rib meat that’s left over from halving rib racks is mixed with slow cooked BBQ pork shoulder to make amazing pulled pork sandwiches.

Interesting is good!

Bad Burger Bangkok likes to introduce interesting menu items. In June they served up burgers with amazingly colorful “rainbow buns” to support the LGBT+ community Pride Month. During our chat Chef Poupée hinted that they will be offering something “interesting” for Halloween. Fans can rest assured that there will always be something of interest on the horizon being cooked up! 


If you enjoy great burgers (or ribs!) I highly recommend a visit to Bad Burger Bangkok! They are located between Sukhumvit Soi 18 and Soi 20 on the second floor of the building. 

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