Toby’s – A Great Place For Brunch!

In Bangkok there is no shortage of fine places to have a Sunday brunch. There are so many hotels in the Big Mango and many of them offer some fine all-you-can-eat buffet spreads which range from simple and cheap, to super posh and requiring a second mortgage. In my experience gorging myself on a buffet so that I “get my money worth” just leads me to sleeping the day away and feeling sloth-like for half my weekend. I prefer to have a sensible meal that consists of quality food, varied items, and in a setting that doesn’t have kids running all over the place.  Continue reading “Toby’s – A Great Place For Brunch!”

Ros’niyom: Street Food in a Restaurant (Kao Soi Gai)

I went to the Silom Complex to pick up some groceries and decided to eat lunch first (I’ve learned it’s never smart to food shop when you’re hungry!). Usually when I go to the Silom Complex I will eat either ramen, sushi, or Bon Chon Chicken. But today I noticed a place called Ros’niyom on the ground floor–specifically I noticed that they had kao soi gai on their menu board which just so happens to be one of my favorite dishes. Instantly craving kao soi gai, I grabbed a table for one. Continue reading “Ros’niyom: Street Food in a Restaurant (Kao Soi Gai)”