Soi Polo Chicken – Love Those Garlic Crunchies!

If you were to walk into a restaurant and found all the tables and chairs empty, and the staff sitting around looking bored, you might reconsider dining there, right? I pushed through the Trip Advisor award sticker covered doors of Soi Polo Chicken and this is the scene I walked in upon. I soon discovered that it was all just an illusion–and I was very lucky to have walked in when I did. Continue reading “Soi Polo Chicken – Love Those Garlic Crunchies!”

The “Local Noodle Shop” – How I Love Thee

It’s always interesting trying to get a taxi to take me home. You see, my Soi (Street) doesn’t actually have a name. It’s a tiny Soi off a main thoroughfare next to a major Expressway. On a map it looks like a “L”…well actually a backwards “J”. I normally tell them the area I live in and then “guide” them in–the whole time they think I am a clueless farang (foreigner) because it’s not where a foreigner would normally live. In total, and with a little help provided from Google Map, my Soi is about 130 meters in length. But in this itty bitty space there is so much character!  Continue reading “The “Local Noodle Shop” – How I Love Thee”

Sambalacha Cafe – My First Singaporean Cuisine Experience!

UPDATE: Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok is now called Good Nonya Food Delivery. No longer a dine-in restaurant they can be reached by the same Facebook address in the article and deliver AMAZING Singaporean fare throughout Bangkok.


I am no expert in Singaporean cuisine. But after reading foodie reviews from both The Roaming Cook and Stranger in Bangkok (both excellent resources for discovering new Bangkok places to chow!) about William Pang and the Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok by Uncle Pang Singapore I became very eager to try it. This being my first experience with Singaporean dishes did not disappoint! Continue reading “Sambalacha Cafe – My First Singaporean Cuisine Experience!”

The Lunch Lady – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Lunch Lady Ho Chi Minh City

A traveller to Ho Chi Minh City can experience all of the foodie delights of Vietnamese cuisine without ever having to enter an actual restaurant. Street vendors offer quick, cheap, convenient, and downright gourmet meals at every turn. One of the most well known street vendor stalls made famous by Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservation’s” travel foodie show is The Lunch Lady of Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon (her real name is Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh). Continue reading “The Lunch Lady – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”