Empty Plates – Intimate, Fine Dining in Bangkok

Empty Plates Bangkok

Degustation. Don’t laugh but I had to look the word up. The word itself looks like a disease only a foodie would get. So when I was invited to Empty Plates (official Facebook page) for a 6 course “Degustation Menu” I wanted to make sure I understood what I was getting into.

Essentially degustation is the careful, appreciative tasting of small dishes that focus on the senses of taste and flavor, high culinary art, and with good company. I’m happy to say that Empty Plates delivers on all fronts of the definition. Each dish is crafted to be a culinary experience. Each experience is shared in good company of like minded table explorers. At 1,500 baht NET the 6 course meal with a cocktail that I enjoyed is also a tremendous value.

This was an incredible experience from the very first bite! Continue reading “Empty Plates – Intimate, Fine Dining in Bangkok”

Snapper – Bangkok’s Original New Zealand Restaurant

Fish and Chips Snapper NZ Bangkok

Snapper NZ originally opened in the small alley of Sukhumvit Soi 11 where the drift wood decorated Cheap Charlie’s used to be. It was the first restaurant to introduce New Zealand cuisine to Bangkok. It was also the venture of 3 New Zealander’s who were simply craving home cooked “fush n’ chups“.

Craig, Clint, and “Moose” were school friends each involved in the livestock and seafood businesses living in the Big Mango, Kiwiland, and in Brunei of all places. Lamenting the absence of any place in Bangkok that could satisfy their desire for traditional New Zealand style fish and chips, they decided to use their business connections and experiences to bring the ingredients to Bangkok and open a restaurant specializing in the dish.

Their focus on authentic New Zealand cuisine brought them many loyal Bangkok customers. But then a real estate developer bought up many of the properties in the area which left them scrambling to find a new location. That location is now on Sukhumvit Soi 8.  After a year of fine tuning their menu they recently held their grand re-opening on October 19th. I had an opportunity to sample some of the popular dishes as well as a few new menu items. I’m impressed! I think you will be, too.  Continue reading “Snapper – Bangkok’s Original New Zealand Restaurant”

Taburete – Savory Spanish Tapas in Bangkok

Taburete Bangkok

I love tapas. There’s something rewarding about being able to have 4 or 5 different dishes and not feel like a pig afterwards. Last week while getting my Thai food fix at Somtum Der a tapas restaurant next door caught my eye. After a bit of research I suspected that Taburete (official Facebook page) was special. I was right.  Their tapas are inventive,  and delicious, and this bistro really makes you feel right at home.  They’ve also got an interesting story to tell.

But first let me show you the food and what makes this a special place in Bangkok for tapas! Continue reading “Taburete – Savory Spanish Tapas in Bangkok”

Bei Otto – Experience Bavarian Bliss With The New Menu!

Bei Otto Bangkok

Bei Otto (official website) is a German institution in the heart of Bangkok. If you’re a fan of German cuisine you’ve probably heard of it. Mr. Otto Duffner opened this small restaurant in 1984. After 35 years it’s evolved to a large Black Forest getaway for diners and beer hall enthusiasts with an onsite bakery and deli shop.

Under new management since August, 2017, their new chef has recently revamped their menu to focus on traditional Bavarian cuisine. The new owner has redesigned the restaurant to make it feel more like a Bavarian pub.

But let me get straight to the food so I can show you what these changes look like! Continue reading “Bei Otto – Experience Bavarian Bliss With The New Menu!”