Edinburgh, Scotland – Great Places to Eat, Drink, and See

Calton Hill Views

As a food lover, Edinburgh is one of my favorite European city travel destinations. Scottish cuisine is amazing–delicious Aberdeen Angus steaks, incredibly fresh seafood (salmon heaven, I tell you), and a focus on fresh complimenting veggies that extend much further than “neeps and tatties”. Speaking of “neeps and tatties”, let’s not forget Scotland’s most famous culinary contribution haggis! Love it or hate (I love it!) you’ll find it on the menu in some form or another at just about every restaurant/pub in Edinburgh.

fun fact: did you know that Traditional scottish haggis has been banned in the usa since 1971?


During my 4 day/3 night trip to Edinburgh, I found tons of places to eat, drink, and see. But I only want to share the places that truly stood out. If you’re looking for recommendations for places to eat,  drink and see on or near the Royal Mile of Edinburgh THIS article is for you. Continue reading “Edinburgh, Scotland – Great Places to Eat, Drink, and See”

Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Tjörn Island

When Qatar Airways had some troubles with their neighboring countries I took advantage of the panic sales and purchased roundtrip tickets from Bangkok to Stockholm well in advance for dates that would be good for me and my Viking Princess.

A few months later she transferred to a different department in the company. Unfortunately due to work requirements she wouldn’t be able to go to Sweden to visit her family during the dates that I booked. Fortunately for me I have a great relationship with her family and wasn’t at all feeling deterred from swapping sweltering Thailand heat for comfortable Sweden cool weather. In this article I will highlight some of the wonderful fun and food I experienced along with the loving hospitality of my other family. Continue reading “Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Tjörn Island”