Almaty, Kazakhstan – A Beautiful City To Explore!


Before my visit to Almaty the only thing I knew about Kazakhstan was what I saw from the movie “Borat”. I know that the satirical film was actually filmed in the small village of Glod, Romania and that it in no way reflected the reality of Kazakstan, but it did make me wonder…is it nice?

While traveling to visit some dear friends in Dushanbe, Tajikistan I had the good fortune to spend 2 days in Almaty and I’m happy to report that Kazakhstan is much more than nice. In fact, Almaty is an incredible place to explore! In this article I will highlight my experience, some interesting places to see, some tips for visiting the city, and of course some great eats! Continue reading “Almaty, Kazakhstan – A Beautiful City To Explore!”

Nakhon Phanom – Thailand’s Rarely Explored But Charming City

I was recently able to participate in the Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 conference held in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. The conference is put together by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MCTO) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Their goal is to educate the public about great destinations in the Mekong region to drive tourism there and promote economic growth for these communities.

Understanding this it begins to make sense why they’d have a large conference of travel industry folks and bloggers in Nakhon Phanom. I mean, I’d never even heard of the place until this conference–and after the 5 days I spent in the area I just fell in love with it!

This article is meant to showcase the things to do, eat, and see that make Nakhon Phanom (and That Phanom!) special. I’ve included some off the beaten path things and some tips to help you plan your visit. I think after reading it you’ll be surprised at just how much the place has to offer, and put it on your bucket list of Thailand getaway destinations! Continue reading “Nakhon Phanom – Thailand’s Rarely Explored But Charming City”

Georgetown, Malaysia – Penang’s Center for Food & Art!

Brother & Sister On Swing Penang

In just one visit, Georgetown, Malaysia has become one of my favorite destinations for a quick getaway from Bangkok. This UNESCO Historic City of the Straits of Malacca is also a paradise for foodies, art enthusiasts, and fans of architecture due to its influence of various ethnicities and religions.

With this article I hope to share 6 great places to eat, 4 great things to do, and 1 cool place to stay. Continue reading “Georgetown, Malaysia – Penang’s Center for Food & Art!”

Himeji Castle – A Must See Japan Treasure!

Himeji Castle

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle is Japan’s largest and most visited castle.  It’s also known as Hakuro-jō or Shirasagi-jō (“White Egret Castle” or “White Heron Castle”) because of its brilliant white exterior which can be seen gleaming in the distance. This Japanese historical treasure is a must see attraction that’s an easy day trip when visiting Osaka or Kyoto.

This article provides some information about the castle, some handy tips when visiting, and to make sure you do it right, a great recommendation for a family run Udon noodle restaurant to satisfy your appetite! Continue reading “Himeji Castle – A Must See Japan Treasure!”