Caveman Base – Bangkok’s New Place for Fun and Food!

Before I reviewed Caveman Base (official website) I had some preconceptions that it would be one of those “gamer hangout” places with a simple menu to keep those joysticks going. Am I showing my age here? Are they still called joysticks? After taking a look at their menu, and seeing a few foodie pictures I decided to “play”. I’m glad I did as Caveman Base isn’t just for gamers. It’s for everybody who wants to have fun and eat some great food at very reasonable prices.

A different kind of hangout…

The inspiration of this restaurant is to have a gender/age inclusive “man cave”. Customers can indulge in video games, board games, card games, watch sporting events, enjoy craft beers (or milkshakes), with friends, as a family, or solo just looking to meet people.

Unlike other “gamer dens” that might have you challenging others all around the world, the games here are meant to be played with 4-5 people maximum located together. It’s a nostalgic reminder of those days when you had a few of your pals over for rounds of Street Fighter or a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons (have you guessed my age yet?).

And it’s much, much more…

Caveman Base really raises the bar when it comes to food. Their menu is gourmet at super reasonable prices. You won’t find this quality of food at these prices anywhere in Bangkok (please message me if you do). Instead of hamburgers, pretzels, and cheap beer, they have aged steaks, spicy yak jerky from Tibet (limited special), and craft beers. Look at their menu on their website. See their prices? Now let me show you what I’m talking about…

Let’s get to the food!

Caveman Base Nachos
Beef Nachos (120 baht)

I brought my gal along (she took these amazing pictures). I wanted her expert opinion on one of the dishes “Pyttipanna”. But first we started off with an appetizer plate of Beef Nachos (120 baht). This is nachos which is a cut above other nachos. The beef is made with minced tenderloin seasoned with their #4 rub and cooked with cheese. It’s topped with homemade salsa, all on a bed of sturdy, tasty corn chips (that don’t get flimsy and soggy after a few minutes). If this is gamer fuel then game on!

What is “Pyttipanna”?

Caveman Base Pyttipanna
Pyttipanna (280 baht)

Pyttipanna (280 baht) is a Swedish traditional homestyle dish. Often it’s a Sunday meal where you mix the leftover meats with potatoes, onions, beetroots, and egg. I wanted  the expert opinion of my Viking Princess as she’d be able to tell me if it’s legit. It is. In her words, “This is exactly how it is supposed to taste.” This is high culinary praise from her for Swedish cuisine.

The dish is made with fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, onions, beetroot, and two eggs with an attitude (I love the skull shape!). It’s not at all greasy, and is great comfort food (and I’d wager that it would be a good hangover cure, too).

Hail Caesar!

Caveman Base Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad (180 baht)

I’ve had some pretty disappointing Caesar Salads in Bangkok. I find that it’s often drowned with terrible dressing that is usually sweet and nothing like what it should taste like. Caveman Base makes the best Caesar Salad I have had in Bangkok. They make their own dressing with egg, anchovy, and parmesan and set it on the side for you to mix yourself (it’s the perfect amount). The salad is topped with a generous portion of thick, smoked bacon pieces. This is the medium sized Caesar Salad (180 baht) the large is 200 baht. If you are a fan of Caesar Salad, you’ll love this.

Seriously tasty beef!

Caveman Base Rare Tenderloin
Rare Tenderloin (690 baht)

This Rare Tenderloin (690 baht) is aged 50 days and seasoned with their dry rub #4. It’s seared, allowed to rest, and served as you see with a homemade chimichurri sauce. The resting process allows the meat to retain it’s juices (no bloody mess here). All of their meats are served rare, but customers can also request some additional flame time. The owner told me that he recommends rare and offers to cook it more if they are not happy with it. It’s not often additional cooking is requested.

The meat is incredibly flavorful and the rub gives it a slightly smoky and peppery taste. The seasoning and chimichurri sauce compliment and do not overpower the meat. I was also impressed with the value of this dish considering the quality of the meat and portion size they give you.

The great dessert debate!

Caveman Base Bacon Milkshake
Bacon Milkshake (170 baht)

This Bacon Milkshake (170 baht) is absolutely decadent, and I consider it a dessert. To me it tastes like rich, buttery toffee ice cream that you can drink through a straw. To me it screams dessert! My gal thinks it’s an excellent accompaniment to a steak meal. What is it? Desert or dinner drink? For those conditioning their bodies to fit in a Santa costume without the need of a pillow padding for the belly I recommend both. Don’t be freaked out by the idea of bacon in your milkshake. It’s a fact that bacon makes everything taste better.

Great beers and snacks!

Caveman Base Beers
Gypsy Inc Pale Trail (220 baht)/yak jerky (110 baht)

Caveman Base has an excellent variety of craft beers on their drink menu. All of them are priced between 220-250 baht. They also have a few limited edition brews which when they are gone they are gone. I got a rather tasty limited edition bottle of Gypsy Inc Pale Trail (220 baht). This paired fantastic with another limited edition special item they have, Spicy Tibetan Yak Jerky (110 baht). This jerky is incredible. Mildly spicy, with just a hint of berry (I’m thinking goji berries). But if either of these things appeal to you you’d better visit soon!

A chat with the Caveman Base owners…

Danny and Boat

I had the pleasure to speak with the owners of Caveman Base, Danny and his lovely girlfriend, Boat. Though Caveman Base has only been open for a few months (September, 2017), it’s been in the making for 2 years. Danny and Boat meticulously planned out the menu and layout of the restaurant to ensure that Caveman Base would be a place for folks who wanted to have great food and a great time.

Speaking with Danny, I found a fellow foodie. He doesn’t have a chef background but he has a very good palate and a passion for food. His vision for Cavemen Base was to be a different kind of hangout where people could enjoy high end food at fair and affordable prices. He loves to watch customers enjoying themselves as if they were at home, and their joy when experiencing the food. It’s food that he wanted to be different from your typical hangout. Pyttipanna is an unusual menu item and it comes from his childhood days living in the small municipality of Åtvidaberg, Sweden. It’s a comfort food and to date it’s been 100% approved by his Swedish customers (my gal included).

Boat is equally passionate about food, which is a good thing as she’s often the one cooking it. During a recent visit to America she experienced a bacon milkshake and immediately recognized that it belonged on the menu at Caveman Base. She spent much time experimenting and having her best friend sample it until it was the perfect dessert (or dinner drink?) they have today.

Good people make good places…

Caveman Base

Both Danny and Boat are completely genuine and a pleasure to talk with. What they’ve created at Caveman Base is special. It’s a place where anyone of any age can enjoy themselves indulging in delicious food and a wide assortment of games or sports watching. Their Facebook page is worth following to see what new specials they have as well as special game nights, tournaments, etc.

I’m hungry and I want to play! Where is it?

Caveman Base

Caveman Base is located a very short walk from the Ekkamai BTS station. It’s approximately 100 meters up Ekkamai Road on the right hand side. You can’t miss the glowing signs and promise of “Steak, Beer, & Games”. If you’re looking for a new hangout for friends or family, or just want to pamper yourself with some serious food at very reasonable prices this is a place to visit!

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