Hung-Sen: This Place Will Make You Hungry!

Update (13FEB23): Hung-Sen is no longer in operation.

Not long ago we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch only to find that it didn’t open until later in the day (it was a Saturday). This led us to the discovery of a newly opened restaurant nearby called Hung-Sen (official Facebook page). My eyes were immediately drawn to the giant standing advertisement of Sukhothai style noodles when we were passing by.

Are your eyes not IMMEDIATELY drawn to the bowl of noodles?

I was already hungry when I arrived, but as soon as I walked in my hunger increased exponentially. The wall space of the restaurant is completely occupied by the most tantalizing pictures of food which the owner has skillfully produced themselves. I found myself not looking at the menu but rather looking at the walls for ideas of what I wanted to eat! It is difficult to decide what you want to order when EVERYTHING around you looks so delicious!

I was surprised to find that the restaurant was much more spacious than I expected when observing it from the outside. Inside afforded diners large open spaces and the floor to ceiling  windows provided plenty of natural light. Because of the layout and their ability to put tables together so easily this is an excellent place for diners wanting to have a quiet meal for two, or for large groups wanting to dine together.

The menu has an excellent selection of salads, noodle soups, and fried noodle dishes. You’re also able to select what kind of noodles you want. They have fantastic deals for lunch sets. I chose to have the lunch set with a bowl of Sukhothai noodles, a spicy pork ball salad, and a dessert of crushed ice with brown sugar, cream, and what tasted like coffee gelatin. This was an incredible value for 119 baht ($3.58). I won’t say the noodles were better than what I had in Sukhothai, but they gave you a generous selection of a variety of meats and were very authentic to the dishes in Sukhothai in that they used palm sugar which gives the soups a creamy sweetness. I also shared a crispy wonton topped with spicy minced pork appetizer which was 85 baht ($2.55), and we each had drinks of lemongrass juice and Thai tea.

It’s been my experience that when you go to a newly opened restaurant there are usually a few kinks in the service. That was not the case here. The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and there were no mistakes in the order or billing. One very interesting thing I discovered was that because of the natural acoustics of the restaurant interior, the staff downstairs could give drink orders to the upstairs kitchen by talking to the ceiling in a normal talking voice and be heard clearly by them upstairs!

This is a place that is worth checking out. I would recommend Hung-Sen to folks looking for delicious Thai food dishes that do not break the bank, and especially to those wanting to get together with friends and have plenty of space to spread out and socialize. If you’re an admirer of food pictures, it’s also a great place to check out the owner’s portfolio–it will make you hungry!

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