Executive Chef Bharath S. Bhat, originally from Mumbai, India, has honed his skills in luxurious 5-star hotel kitchens worldwide for almost two decades. He previously served as the senior Executive Chef at Punjab Grill, where we frequently indulged in his cuisine. Learning of his new role as Executive Chef at NILA, we were eager to try this new place out, confident that his culinary excellence would continue to impress.

NILA, Chef Bharath’s new home, serves a diverse array of flavors and dishes inspired by India’s coastal cuisine, merging traditional recipes with modern cooking techniques. Their menu takes you on a journey through India’s food history, featuring dishes from the Malabar Coast with robust spices and Bengali treats offering a delicate sweetness. Whether it’s tangy Goan seafood or fragrant Keralite curries you’re after, NILA has something to satisfy your cravings..

We decided to go with the tasting menu instead of the à la carte options to sample a variety of dishes prepared by the kitchen.

Let me show you;

Fruit Bhel was like a tropical party in my mouth! It had puffed rice mingling with tropical fruit, tangy tamarind and mint chutney, all topped with zesty lime and crunchy purple potato crisps. It kicked off the menu in a fantastic way, and I absolutely loved every bite of it!

Prawn Burnt Garlic and Tomato Saar features prawns cooked with slow-caramelized garlic and a peppery tomato soup. The slow-caramelized garlic infuses the soup with a rich, deep flavor, complementing the freshness of the tomatoes. When poured over a prawn salad, this flavorful saar adds a delightful zest to the dish, creating a balance of savory and tangy notes

Peri-Peri Jheenga is a Portuguese influenced mouthwatering dish with hot and sour Goan-style pickled peri-peri marinated prawns, expertly flame-grilled, and served with a flavorful smoked tomato and bell pepper chutney. It’s became a favorite of mine thanks to its succulent texture and deliciously rich flavors that make each bite a delight.

Kasundi Murgh is a dish featuring tender chicken supreme that has been marinated with Bengali mustard. The mustard imparts a distinct tanginess to the chicken. After marination, the chicken is flame-grilled until cooked to perfection, giving it a smoky flavor. To enhance its taste, the chicken is then topped with a masala cheese gratin, adding a creamy and savory touch.

To balance out the flavors and textures, the dish is served with avocado raita. The creamy avocado raita complements the spicy chicken and adds a refreshing element to the dish. Overall, “Kasundi Murgh” offers a combination of tangy, smoky, creamy, and savory flavors that come together harmoniously.

The “Mochar Chop” is a dish that consists of a banana blossom cutlet, which has been tempered and served with tomato chutney. Its great texture and full flavor make it absolutely delicious. In fact, I found it so tasty that I could have easily eaten an entire plate of these cutlets.

Thalassery pepper and lemon sorbet, perfect for cleaning your palate that has been bombarded with flavor.

Lobster Ghee Roast, is grilled lobster drenched in fiery ghee and red chili sauce, paired with kallappam. Being an island girl from Sweden, lobster’s my jam. This dish? Totally hit the spot.

Meen Pollichattu, flat-grilled marinated snapper fillet with fried shallots, ginger, garlic, and spices ground to a paste and rubbed into the fish, wrapped in a banana leaf with appam. With this dish, we experienced a bit of à la minute preparation of the appam from the Sous-chef Syam Gopif. Appam, also known as palappam, is a popular Kerala breakfast. These thin, lacy pancakes taste best with vegetable stew or kadala curry, or as Chef Bharath does it, with this wonderful snapper fillet

Kosha Mangsho, New Zealand lamb rack cooked Kolkata style, served with mustard oil-scented spicy potato mash. I’ve never been disappointed when Chef Bharath puts a rack of lamb in front of you; it’s so tender with the perfect spiciness—neither too wild nor too mild.

Hydrabadi Dum Biryani, slow-baked tender chicken morsels in flavorful, spiced, two-year-aged long-grain basmati rice biryani, served with cucumber, red onion, and pomegranate. Typically, basmati should be aged for a year, but we got a two-year-old basmati that didn’t throw a temper tantrum but instead invoked peace and happiness. And with the sides of cucumber and avocado raita, everything cooled down nicely.

This dish also had its own little fire show! Rest assured, no food was harmed during the making of this scene.

Coconut Rasmalai Tres-Leches, cardamom sponge, coconut foam, tender coconut jelly, and coconut chips round off the coastal Indian feast perfectly!

The Chef
Chef Bharath S. Bhat hails from Mumbai, India. Over nearly two decades, he honed his skills in luxurious 5-star hotel kitchens across the globe. Notable highlights of his career include serving as a Sous Chef at the Grosvenor House in Dubai at the Michelin-starred restaurant Indego and assisting in the opening of “Simply India” at the St. Regis Hotel in Mauritius. He also held the position of Executive Chef at Punjab Grill here in Bangkok.

Ambiance. The restaurant is colorful and reminiscent of a Goan merchant house. It features tables spread around a large window overlooking busy Phetchaburi Rd. There are plenty of tables offering views of the kitchen for guests to watch the magic of cooking. Additionally, there’s a private area for larger parties and a bar where you can start or finish your dinner with a cocktail.

For those who prefer visual feasts…
Check out our video of our visit to NILA. See the venue, the food, and more!

I’m hungry. Where is it ?

We would recommend making a reservation. Book Here

Their tasting menu changes regularly, but you can keep up to date with their specials by following their official Facebook page or Instagram page.

Location: 847 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

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