Khon Sae Lee Noodles – Oodles of Noodles and Tasty Meats!

Khon Sae Lee Noodles provides very reasonably priced dishes of fresh homemade noodles, wontons, and choice cuts of juicy crispy duck, crispy pork, BBQ red pork, and generous lumps of fresh crab claw meat. Located just a stone throw away from the Thong Lo BTS station, this tiny restaurant dishes out delicious and inexpensive dishes that won’t break the bank.

In addition to noodles, they also offer a wonderful fried rice dishes. We selected a fried rice dish with sweet Chinese sausage and bits of smoky dried fish.

The menu provides several inexpensive options with the average dish being between 50 – 60 baht ($1.50 – $1.80). The most expensive menu option we selected was a mixed bowl of all of their meats with a nice sampling of wontons and fresh noodles which was 80 baht ($2.40). If you’re a solo diner I recommend you order this so you can best experience all they have to offer.

I was impressed with how efficient and professional the staff were for such a small place. It’s been my experience that when you go to little hole in the wall restaurants there can be a bit of chaos (especially during a lunch rush), and a bit of concern about the cleanliness of the operation. All of the staff were wearing uniforms of green shirts, hair covering caps, and aprons, and I had zero concerns about cleanliness. One of the women that appeared to be running the operation spoke with us briefly and let us know that all of their noodles are made fresh everyday and that they ensure that all of the ingredients they used were fresh and of high quality. She beamed with pride when she told us that she wanted guests to feel like they were getting a “home-cooked” meal. I am always happiest when I meet people that are proud of their food–it usually means I am going to eat well. 

Our table of 3 guests ordered 6 dishes and the total costs of our dining experience came to 400 baht ($12). As we waited for our order they offered us a complimentary bowl of soup bones with tender morsels of meat still clinging to the bones and clear broth–it was a wonderful introduction for what was to come!

Soup bones in broth–good things to come!

In addition to the rice dish we also ordered a mix of soup noodles which included wontons and a meat (BBQ red pork, crispy pork, duck, and crab), and dried noodles (each also including wontons and meat). Everything was wonderful! The wontons were filled with either shrimp or minced pork–each one a purse of deliciousness. The crispy pork was juicy and crunchy without being too fatty. The duck was seasoned perfectly with a sweet glaze and crispy skin. The BBQ red pork was super tender and flavorful with the noodle soup. The noodles were also amazing–both dry and wet. Nothing beats fresh homemade noodles.

The portion sizes are not large which is nice because you can better sample the offerings they have without filling up on one particular thing. This is an excellent place to come with a few friends and order several different dishes to share “Chinese” style. We arrived a little after 11:30 am and it quickly began to fill up with lunch patrons. I recommend that if you come with a group then you ought to come early to secure a table!

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