Tom Yum Kae Style Kuaytiaw Kae Silom

There are thousands of little noodle shops in Bangkok that you can tuck into for a quick, inexpensive, filling meal, and though many are similar no two shops are alike. I love it when I find a noodle shop that serves noodles that are very different from what I’ve had before. Today a friend introduced me to a little place near the Silom and Charoen Krung Road junction called Kuaytiaw Kae Silom (note: the signage is NOT in English). Here you can enjoy Tom Yum noodle soup with  Kae style twist!

Make sure you’re in the right place!

Along the tiny soi (street) that connects Silom to Charoen Krung 49, the tiny restaurant is can be found by its large blue plastic overhanging and red signage.  The bowls are prepared outside in front, and the seating is plentiful (but don’t expect air condition).

With Kae style noodles you want to go large!

As the name suggests, their specialty is bowls of noodle soups that are prepared Kae style. The “Kae” refers to the Hakka Chinese. The highlights of Kuaytiew Kae Silom are the fishballs/ meatballs, especially the ones with tofu. The Tom Yum soup is very different than Thai styles of Tom Yum (both made clear and with coconut milk). For a treat, order the “Kuaytiaw Kae, Tom Yum, Piset”. This translates loosely to: “Noodles Kae style, tom yum, special (more meat, larger size).

Kuaytiaw Kae Silom Tom Yum Noodle Kae Style
Kuaytiaw Kae Piset

Loaded with flavor!

What you will receive is pictured above: a bowl loaded with minced pork,  fish and pork balls, fried treats (one is fried tofu with connecting fishcake, and the other is a fried doughy ball with a piece of shrimp inside), a generous portion of noodles, and plenty of fresh cilantro (coriander), ground peanuts, and chilies, in a rich and flavorful (and fiery!) broth. This large bowl of deliciousness is priced reasonably at 45 baht ($1.35). Everything here is very affordably priced, and if your appetite is up to it, order a side of crispy spring rolls with sweet chilly dipping sauce for 35 baht ( $1.05).

Kuaytiaw Kae Silom Menu
A great value!

Kuaytiaw Kae Silom is located a 10 minute walk from the Saphan Taksin BTS station. Take exit 3, and then turn left up Charoen Krung Road. Then make a right on Silom and then turn left on the second street (Sawang 3). The restaurant will be on your right. Make sure to look for the large blue plastic overhanging in the front, and red signage in Thai!

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