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update january 25, 2019: on january 21, 2019 little brochette announced on their facebook that they would be closing this location and opening a new location (64 sukhumvit soi 51 (square 51)) on march 1, 2019. I’ll update this article once i’ve been to their new location.


With a name like “Little Brochette“, you’d be surprised to learn this new Bangkok bistro specializes in Turkish cuisine found along the Eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey. I lived in Izmir for 3 years which is located on the North Aegean coast within view of some of the Greek islands. This is the food I ate and loved when I lived there.

There are a few Turkish restaurants in Bangkok–but this new gem captures the Mediterranean flavors as I remember them along with the welcoming hospitality I felt back them. If you love fresh Mediterranean mezes, succulent meat dishes, and wines without breaking the bank then you will love this place.

Let me introduce you to the menu! 

About the menu…

Little Brochette Bangkok

Little Brochette offers a lunch set menu as well as a full menu with a la carte starters, Mediterranean sides,  salads.  Also included are mains from the “sea” and “earth” which include your choice of 2 sides or salads. In this way you’re able piece together meal combinations to your liking.

However, it’s also a place where you can put the menu aside and let them dazzle you. Let them know what your budget is and they’ll impress you with a good sampling of the menu for you and your guests to enjoy. If you’re not thrilled with a dish, they’ll replace it. Simple as that.

Starter and Salad

Little Brochette Bangkok
Feta Cheese & Spinach Rolls (160 baht for 4)

One thing I noticed about the menu is that at first glance it doesn’t appear they serve Turkish food. There’s no Turkish words on the menu and the food descriptions are very Western. For example, these Feta Cheese & Spinach Fried Rolls (160 baht for 4) sound like a Western spring roll dish, right? Don’t be fooled. This in Turkey is called sigara böreği and it’s the perfect appetizer to kickstart your appetite.

These thin cigar shaped snacks are made with salty feta cheese, spinach, and parsley. They’re rolled in thin Filo pastry dough and deep fried for a crispy snack. Make sure you squeeze the lemon wedge on them before eating!

Potato Salad Little Brochette Bangkok
Old Fashioned Potato Salad (120 baht)

Here’s another dish that’s deceptively sounding to not be Turkish but is. On the menu as an Old Fashioned Potato Salad (a la carte 120 baht), it could also be called “Patates Salatası“. Granted it’s a creamier version of what I used to enjoy in Izmir, but with the lemony sprinkles of sumac spice there’s no mistaking it’s Turkish origins!

Mediterranean Sides

Little Brochette Bangkok

During my visit I sampled 3 Mediterranean sides. There are 6 on the menu to choose from. There’s more I want to try.

Little Brochette Bangkok
Fried Eggplant & Zucchini in Yoghurt Sauce (110 baht)

The Fried Eggplant & Zucchini in Yoghurt Sauce can be ordered a la carte for 110 baht. It was one of my favorite dishes and I highly recommend it.  It’s very similar to the popular Turkish meze Şakşuka but without the bell peppers.

Thick slices of fried eggplant and zucchini are layered then smothered with a chunky tomato sauce with fresh parsley. The garlicky yoghurt adds a nice creamy touch to the dish–dip your pita bread in it!

Little Brochette Bangkok
Paprika Spicy Tartare with Walnuts (120 baht)

This Paprika Spicy Tartare with Walnuts (a la carte 120 baht) is the closest thing I’ve found in Bangkok to one of my favorite Turkish mezes, Ezme Salatası. It’s a mildly spicy roasted pepper dish. It’s also a complexly flavorful dish made with tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic, fresh parsley, and walnuts. Think of it as Turkish salsa–but for pita bread instead of corn chips!

Little Brochette Bangkok
Marinated Bell Peppers in Olive Oil (120 baht)

This dish is proof that you don’t need a lot of ingredients to create something delicious. The Marinated Bell Peppers in Olive Oil (a la carte 120 baht) is a simple dish where the name gives the ingredients away. It’s made with sweet marinated red and yellow bell peppers in extra virgin olive oil. Simple, colorful, and great to accompany with grilled meats.

Some meaty mains…

Little Brochette Bangkok
Farm Chicken Leg Boneless (330 baht)

On Little Brochette’s menu they have main dishes broken up in 2 categories: the “sea” and “land”. I sampled 2 dishes from the “land”. This Farm Chicken Leg Boneless (330 baht includes 2 Mediterranean sides or salads of your choice) was first up. The “leg” is actually boneless chicken thigh meat. The servings are ample; 2 sizable portions with a crispy skin and juicy meat. It’s lightly seasoned with Turkish chili pepper and is sure to accompany well with any side you choose.

Adana Kebab Little Brochette Bangkok
Adana Kebab (450 baht)

A new arrival to the kitchen, soon to be on the menu, is this delicious Adana Kebab (450 baht includes 2 Mediterranean sides or salads of your choice). Little Brochette strives to provide authenticity in this dish. True fans of this dish will appreciate their efforts. They have a deal with their lamb supplier to provide 1 year old male sheep or “yearly mutton”. This crucial detail provides for an authentic Adana Kebab experience.

Made with Turkish hot pepper spices, this dish is accompanied with garlicky yogurt to cool it down or fiery harissa pepper sauce to set your mouth ablaze. If you want a truly traditional Turkish dish, ask for it!

Just want a quick lunch?

Little Brochette Bangkok
Spicy Beef Balls Merguez Style (195 baht)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one of Little Brochette’s most popular menu item, their wraps. They offer 3 different wrap options: Grilled Chicken Anatolian, Spicy Beef Balls Merguez Style, and Veggies and Cheese. All are priced at 195 baht with the lunch set add-on of fries and soft drink for 245 baht. It’s a very good deal for folks crunched for time but wanting to crush a really good wrap.

I enjoyed the Spicy Beef Balls Merguez Style wrap. It’s filled with 120 grams of cumin and chili infused ground beef, veggies with sumac, and baby lettuce leaves wrapped in a soft flatbread. It’s served with a garlicky yoghurt and a fiery harissa pepper sauce. Yum!

About drinks…

Little Brochette Bangkok
Great wine deals!

Unfortunately you won’t find Turkish wines on the menu at Little Brochette. But fortunately you will find some excellent wallet friendly vino options. Glasses are very reasonably priced at 95 baht for Spanish wines, and bottles of French wine range from 920-1480 baht.

For fans of beer bottles of Singha and Leo can be had for 80 baht. Imported bottled beer options can also be had such as Hoegaarden for 190 baht and Duvel for 220 baht. Unfortunately Turkish rakı isn’t available. However, you can always pretend with some French Pastis (120 baht/4 cl pours). Other spirits are also available ranging from 120-180 baht.

A chat with the owner…

Little Brochette Bangkok
The proprietor, Ahmet

Ahmet grew up around the restaurant business. His family had a very large and successful restaurant in Istanbul. But he had different aspirations as a young man. At the age of 19 he moved to France to break into the textiles industry specializing in lingerie. The business took him to Asia to establish factories for his product line and eventually he settled in Bangkok 3 years ago.

Ahmet retains the founder role of the successful businesses he’s created, but has pulled back from the administration of them so that he can enjoy semi-retirement. But he’s not a person who enjoys inactivity. He’s always felt that the restaurant business is in his blood. There’s always been a calling for him to open one.  He decided to open Little Brochette both as an homage to his parents and to bring Turkish Mediterranean cuisine to Bangkok.

Little Brochette debuts!

Little Brochette Bangkok

Little Brochette opened it’s doors to the public September, 2018. Ahmet’s vision for the bistro was that it would be a “place for friends”. Though they have a menu, many diners opt to relax and have a tailored dining experience. This involves Ahmet bringing out dish after dish to the delight of patrons.

It’s similar to the dining experiences I used to have in Izmir. You don’t just go out to dinner with friends. You spend hours of feasting on small dishes, mains, and loads of adult beverages. The time is spent enjoying the food, the conversation, the Turkish folk music, and eventually everyone is laughing, dancing, and snapping their fingers.

That was Ahmet’s vision when opening Little Brochette, and that vision is now a reality in Bangkok.

Güzel! Where is it?

Little Brochette Bangkok

Little Brochette is located on Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63). It’s pretty far up the road, so if you take the BTS to the Ekkamai station you may want to hail a taxi or motorcycle. An alternative, if you’re up for a Klong Boat Taxi ride, you can get off at the Chan Issara Pier. From there it’s about a 10 minute walk. There’s plenty of parking available for folks that drive.

Check out their Facebook page to see what new menu items they introduce, specials, and events. If you enjoy delicious Turkish Mediterranean cuisine, and warm hospitality, you’ll love this place. Should you visit, I’d love to hear your comments in the section below!

i’m a huge fan of Turkey and Istanbul is a foodie paradise. check out my article about my trip there!

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