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Mammas Kök (official Facebook page), translated Mamma’s Kitchen, is a small kitchen operating in the Klong Toey neighborhood that offers a delivery service of fantastic Swedish baked goods and traditional comfort food. My usual articles for my foodie finds are of restaurants that you can dine in. I’ve made an exception for this place because the food is amazing and made with high quality ingredients, the delivery service is excellent and reliable, and the story of Mammas Kök simply needs to be told.

But before the story, let’s jump right into what’s on the menu at Mammas Kök…

(The pictures below have been provided as a courtesy from Mammas Kök and Mr. Marcus Padoongwong)

Traditional Swedish Comfort Food

Mammas Kök offers several “lunch box” options on their menu. The menu is in Swedish but Chrome does a pretty good job of translating the page. Shown here are just a handful of their dishes. Most of the options are 250 baht per generously portioned meal. Delivery fees range from 100-150 baht depending on the delivery location in Bangkok. So if you’ve got a few folks in the office with the same food interests this works out well.

As they specialize in Swedish comfort food you can rest assured that you will enjoy their meatballs with mashed potatoes. However, if you want to up it a notch, why not get the meatballs wrapped in bacon? Mmmmmmm….bacon.

What’s a “sandwich cake”?

One of the more popular dishes on the Mammas Kök menu is their “Sandwich Cakes“. These “cakes” are portion based at 250 baht for each large portion with a minimum order of 8 portions per order. It’s especially popular for feeding large groups and it’s decadent! Each cake consists of layers of bread with creamy mayonnaise (they use the good stuff, too) and crème fraîche, and either the meat or seafood ingredients. The meat sandwich cake has slices of deli meats and cheeses, and the seafood cake has tuna fish, salmon, shrimp, and hard boiled eggs.

From my experience these cakes are so filling it’s not unusual to have a little left over. This is a good thing as these cakes are good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack!

Mammas Kök satisfies your sweet tooth…

One of the things that Mammas Kök really excels at is their cakes. Their Princess Cake (1,600 baht) is made with homemade marzipan (that better stands up to the heat of Bangkok), fresh whipped creme, raspberry filling, and moist cake. A wedge of this with a cup of coffee makes for an amazing fika! Their cake designs can also be tailored by request.


Mammas Kök Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake (1,600 baht)

Also popular when strawberry season comes is their Strawberry Cake (1,600 baht). Every strawberry is carefully inspected for quality and to ensure it has the right ripeness, size, and color. As you can see they don’t skimp on the berries and much detail is paid to the presentation.

Authentic Swedish Baked Goods

The Swedes take their baked goods very seriously. In fact, during a recent trip to Sweden I discovered that some baked goods are so revered they even have their own “day”! As a result, the menu on the Mamma Kök site doesn’t have all of their baked offerings. It’s best to follow their Facebook page and query them directly for any special requests. It’s a guarantee that Cinnamon Buns are going to be available on kanelbullens dag or Cinnamon Bun Day and Lucia Buns with Safron will be available for St. Lucia Day.

It might surprise you to learn that a small kitchen in the Klong Toey neighborhood is putting out such amazing dishes. There’s a story there, and here it is.

The story of Mammas Kök

Mammas Kök Owners
Ging and Mia

The story begins with Mia Palmkvist. Mia was adopted from Thailand when she was just a few months old. She grew up with her adopted family in Sweden where she lived her entire life. In 2014, she wanted to try and connect with her biological family in Thailand. Amazingly with help from a service that specializes in such matters she was able to track down her family and connect with them in just 6 days.

One family member that she really bonded with was her young niece, “Ging” Wanwisa Chuenjaichon. Mia has always had a passion for cooking and recognized that Ging shared her passion and talent for it as well. Wanting Ging to have an opportunity to pursue her passion, Mia assisted Ging to open Mammas Kök in August of 2015 and has provided mentorship to Ging to run the business and establish it within the community.

In just two short years Mammas Kök has built a loyal customer base. They regularly serve the offices of Diakrit, Volvo, BMW, SAAB, Oriflame, and both the Swedish and Finnish Embassies. One proud moment occurred soon after Mammas Kök began its service was the honor of catering the Swedish Ambassador’s Christmas table in 2015.

Mammas Kök gives back to the community…

Klong Toey is known for being one of the poorer neighborhoods in Bangkok. Mammas Kök, with support from a charitable organization, put on a large street party for the neighborhood children. There was much food, singing of Swedish Christmas songs, and even a visit from Santa. (Pictures courtesy of Camilla Davidsson )

Mammas Kök Owners

Mammas Kök has successfully established themselves as being able to provide high quality traditional Swedish baked goods and comfort food. They have 2 dedicated delivery drivers that deliver no matter what the weather. I’ve personally had a cake delivered to my flooded soi during a monsoon storm while the rest of Bangkok was hunkered down and all other motorcycle riders were cowering under ramps and underpasses.

If you’re looking to have an event catered, want lunch delivered to your office, or just something special for your Swedish Christmas table I highly recommend Mammas Kök!

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