OMG – A Great Place for Tex-Mex in Bangkok!

OMG Bangkok Fajitas

Update (13FEB23): OMG is no longer in operation.

I learned about OMG (official Facebook page) through a friend who appreciates good food and cool places to hang out. It was enthusiastically described to me as a place with some “seriously tasty eats, and a really cool owner!”. I value my friend’s recommendations on such matters as he’s a person who doesn’t sugar coat his opinions. Unsurprisingly, his assessment was spot on.

OMG has a varied menu of some great eats but most of their concentration is on Tex-Mex dishes. If you’ve found yourself disappointed with Tex-Mex experiences here in the Big Mango you will be very happy with this foodie find. But let me show you what I’m talking about!

OMG – A real Tex-Mex treat!

OMG Bangkok Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajita (229 baht)

Fajitas are a Tex-Mex classic. OMG offers three different fajita options: chicken, steak, or shrimp. I chose to get the Chicken Fajita (229 baht) which comes with marinated tender spiced chicken tenders, onions, and colorful peppers on a sizzling hot plate.

It’s accompanied with sour cream, pineapple salsa, regular salsa, and a seriously light your backside on fire sauce (during this visit it was a sauce called Ghost Town  as it’s made with Ghost Chili Peppers–fire!).

It also comes with 2 tortillas which despite their thinness hold it all together very well. I would highly recommend this dish–and if you’re a fan of heat don’t shy away from the spicy sauce (their next batch will be made with Vietnamese peppers and will be called “Napalm Kiss“).

Shrimp Tacos

OMG Bangkok Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos (229 baht)

As OMG is located near my gal’s work, she joined me after her work was over and ordered her favorite dish Shrimp Tacos (229 baht). The shrimp are beer battered and fried. It’s topped with a chopped red onions, tomatoes, purple cabbage, and coriander with a bit of tangy sour cream based sauce. The thin tortillas are lightly fried so they have a bit of chew. The only thing missing from this picture is the beer that accompanied it!

Bring on the dank!

OMG Bangkok Buffalo Chicken Wings
Buffalo Wings (139 baht)

Much of the menu at OMG is Tex-Mex fare. Their special’s board should be noted before ordering as there’s some great non Tex-Mex options, too. For example, these Buffalo Wings (139 baht) with “dank bleu cheese sauce” were on the special’s board.  The wing’s sauce is perfect,  it’s flavorful and with a vinegar tang the way Buffalo Sauce ought to be.

Though “dank” isn’t normally a word I’d associate with good food it accurately describes this blue cheese sauce. It contains big chunks of bleu cheese that’s much sharper than your average offerings. Once the wings are gone you’ll be mopping up the sauce with the celery and carrot sticks. If you run out of veggies you might just use your finger–OMG is a safe place. You will not be judged. The bleu cheese together with the sauced wings makes a great starter or beer snack!

A chat with the owner…

OMG Bangkok Owners
Guru and Aey

I had the good fortune to be able to chat with Guru, the proprietor of OMG. My friend was right, this guy IS really cool. Restauranteur by day, lead singer for the Sin Tonic heavy metal band (they play their own original music  but in the style of classic heavy metal) by night. Cool, right?

OMG opened in September ’16 as an izakaya style bar and restaurant that also served Indian and American Chinese dishes (Chop Suey, Tikka Masala fries, those kind of dishes). One day, Guru made some fish tacos and was very happy with the results. OMG has always had a “specials” board, and so he added them there. They were a hit.

Guru’s always been a fan of Tex-Mex, but has had some disappointing experiences in the Big Mango. He started cooking Tex-Mex for himself and adding it to the board…each item received an overwhelmingly positive response. You might say the specials board steered the menu, and now OMG concentrates on cooking up some great Tex-Mex!

It’s a family affair!

OMG Bangkok Cat
Poncho “The Head Honcho”

OMG is a family run business. Guru mans the kitchen and keeps the good eats coming. When he’s not working the grill he’s chatting up guests and just being an all around cool guy to talk with. His partner, Aey, staffs the bar, serves up the food, and her soft spoken manner (which I’m convinced masks an inner rock n’ roller) will instantly win you over. Poncho “The Head Honcho” manages the Accounts Receivable Department. Give her a bit of your chicken meat, fish, or shrimp and your accounts will be in good standing.

OMG – A great place to hang!

When I first arrived at at OMG it was around 4:30 pm. All was quiet except for a couple of regulars that eat there nearly every day. Once the clock hit 6:00 pm folks started pouring in ( a mix of both Thais and expats). This is a place where folks feel comfortable eating, socializing, or just hanging out with a few beers. Guru told me that unlike many restaurants, OMG doesn’t “turn tables”. He wants people to hang out, socialize, and become a part of the scene.

OMG also puts together many social events. For example, on the first Thursday of every month they have a very popular quiz night. This isn’t the kind of quiz night you find at pubs where you are hushed for being too loud. This is for fun and hilarity. The winner gets a case of beer. Their quiz night anniversary is in April.

Monday’s are buy two get one free Asahi drafts. If you’re looking for something to do on Taco Tuesdays they offer a pretty sweet deal of 50 baht tacos (chicken or veggie) and 100 baht margaritas. You will want to follow their Facebook page to keep informed of their specials and events.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

OMG Bangkok FrontOMG offers seating both outside and inside with chairs at the bar as well. This is a great place to show up solo or meet friends for drinks, eats, or a little bit of both to socialize. They are located within an easy walking distance of the Rama IX MRT Station on a Soi Yu Charoen just off Ratchadapisek Soi 3.


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