Hung-Sen: This Place Will Make You Hungry!

Not long ago we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch only to find that it didn’t open until later in the day (it was a Saturday). This led us to the discovery of a newly opened restaurant nearby called Hung-Sen (official Facebook page). My eyes were immediately drawn to the giant standing advertisement of Sukhothai style noodles when we were passing by. Continue reading “Hung-Sen: This Place Will Make You Hungry!”

Hotel Muse Bangkok – Imagine Flavors Can Dance!

NOTE: The Hotel Muse Bangkok no longer offers the FLAVORTALE dinner theater show.


What if flavors could dance? This is the question that was the genesis for the Hotel Muse Bangkok’s most recent spectacular dinner show called FLAVORTALE. Continue reading “Hotel Muse Bangkok – Imagine Flavors Can Dance!”

Sook Station – Where “Prison” Food is Delicious!

If you’re traveling to Bangkok and want to book a unique lodging and face any fears you might have of prison, there’s really only one option for you: Sook Station. This amazing prison themed hostel is the dream made real by Khun Lek, the owner. The iron doors, bars, gray walls, and lighting were all inspired by the movie “Shawshank Redemption”. Continue reading “Sook Station – Where “Prison” Food is Delicious!”

SO Sofitel Bangkok- For The Love Of Cheese!

Things that are considered “luxury” items are heavily taxed in Thailand making them very expensive. Unfortunately this levy applies to two of my favorite things: wine and cheese. I mourn for the lifestyle I once had when I lived in the wine belt of the Central California coastline, as I am now limited to one or two cheeses and bottles to get me through the week. But then I discovered the “Cheese at SO: For the Love of Cheese” event! Continue reading “SO Sofitel Bangkok- For The Love Of Cheese!”