Punjab Grill Bangkok – Splendid Indian Cuisine & Tasting Menu

Punjab Grill Bangkok

I recently had an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new tasting menu for Punjab Grill Bangkok (official Facebook page). Every other month they switch up their tasting menu in which they strive to present traditional Indian dishes with a modern style. This new tasting menu is special as it begins on August 15th, and is meant to commemorate the 72nd Independence Day of India.

To celebrate the special day, they’ve designed a menu that includes classic dishes from 5 different states in India with an exciting twist in flavor and presentation. From my experience I can understand why Punjab Grill Bangkok has recently been named one of the Top 25 Restaurants in Bangkok by Travelindex. The dish presentation is gorgeous, inventive and delicious.  The restaurant atmosphere is also very cozy (with seriously comfy chairs).

Their fine dining non-vegetarian tasting menu is an amazing deal at 1,490 baht net (their vegetarian tasting menu is 990 baht net). Continue reading “Punjab Grill Bangkok – Splendid Indian Cuisine & Tasting Menu”

Kyoto, Japan – Where to Go, Eat, and Drink!

If ever you’ve read the book or seen the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” then you’ve probably put Kyoto on your bucket list of travels. If you haven’t then should. Kyoto is an amazing place to visit!

We decided to visit in July and time our trip to overlap the famous Gion Matsuri (Festival). It was crazy hot and humid during the day. But no worse than what we’ve experienced in Bangkok and at night it cooled down and was very comfortable. Another plus of visiting during the off-season was that we were able to visit the sights without throngs of tourists and never had an issue getting a table or bar stool.

In this article I’d like to share some of the must see sights of Kyoto. There’s tons of places to visit but I’m highlighting the places that you really ought to check out. I’m also giving you some great recommendations for places to eat and drink. Basically, this article is meant to be a solid roadmap for the DIY tourist wanting to experience Kyoto.

I wish I’d had this before going!

Continue reading “Kyoto, Japan – Where to Go, Eat, and Drink!”

Little Sunshine Cafe – An Amazing Menu For Healthy Eating!

Little Sunshine Cafe Bangkok

A friend recently introduced me to the Little Sunshine Cafe (official Facebook page). He described it as a cafe with a menu for “healthy eating”. This description normally fills me with dread. It conjures up images of dishes loaded with bean sprouts and tofu. When I arrived I was prepared to examine the menu and pick the “least worst” dish to try to enjoy. Once I saw the menu I realized quickly…boy, was I wrong! Continue reading “Little Sunshine Cafe – An Amazing Menu For Healthy Eating!”

Delicious Hong Kong Noodles in Bangkok- Tim’s Noodle House

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok

I’m always on the lookout for great food in Bangkok that doesn’t break the bank–especially when I’ve been hitting my bank account hard with all these recent travels. A good friend recommended that I check out Tim’s Noodle House (official Facebook page). Their dishes are homemade using high quality ingredients, incredibly inexpensive, and delicious. I’m excited to share this recommendation to you as for me it was love at first bite. Continue reading “Delicious Hong Kong Noodles in Bangkok- Tim’s Noodle House”