Istanbul, Turkey – A Foodie’s Delight!

Between the years of 1999 and 2002 I lived in the small Aegean city of Izmir, Turkey. I will never forget the warm and enduring friendships I made during my time there, the amazing food I was introduced to, or the kindheartedness and hospitality of its people. The country where I rang in the new millennium has always had a special place in my heart; and though I was fortunate enough to travel throughout the country but I never had the opportunity to visit its crown jewel Istanbul except by passing through its airport. It took 13 years for me to get my chance to visit… Continue reading “Istanbul, Turkey – A Foodie’s Delight!”

Marrakech, Morocco – Where Three Cultures Collide

While I was living in Niamey, Niger my gal, Anna, came to visit me over the Christmas holidays. One nice thing about Niamey is that they have regular flights to Casablanca via Royal Air Moroc airlines. Anna and I shared the dream of visiting Marrakech, with it’s labyrinth of souk passageways, exotic cuisine and spices, and cultural mishmash of Africa, Europe, and Arabic influence. Why not ring in the New Year there? Continue reading “Marrakech, Morocco – Where Three Cultures Collide”

The “Local Noodle Shop” – How I Love Thee

It’s always interesting trying to get a taxi to take me home. You see, my Soi (Street) doesn’t actually have a name. It’s a tiny Soi off a main thoroughfare next to a major Expressway. On a map it looks like a “L”…well actually a backwards “J”. I normally tell them the area I live in and then “guide” them in–the whole time they think I am a clueless farang (foreigner) because it’s not where a foreigner would normally live. In total, and with a little help provided from Google Map, my Soi is about 130 meters in length. But in this itty bitty space there is so much character!  Continue reading “The “Local Noodle Shop” – How I Love Thee”

Sambalacha Cafe – My First Singaporean Cuisine Experience!

UPDATE: Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok is now called Good Nonya Food Delivery. No longer a dine-in restaurant they can be reached by the same Facebook address in the article and deliver AMAZING Singaporean fare throughout Bangkok.


I am no expert in Singaporean cuisine. But after reading foodie reviews from both The Roaming Cook and Stranger in Bangkok (both excellent resources for discovering new Bangkok places to chow!) about William Pang and the Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok by Uncle Pang Singapore I became very eager to try it. This being my first experience with Singaporean dishes did not disappoint! Continue reading “Sambalacha Cafe – My First Singaporean Cuisine Experience!”