Rakuu – Great Teppan Style Dining in Bangkok

Pork, squid, and cheese okonomiyaki at Rakuu Bangkok

Thailand is world renown for it’s amazing cuisine. But one thing I love about living in Bangkok is that if you’re craving food from another country it’s easy to find a restaurant that offers it. Mexican, Portuguese, Indian, Spanish, Ecuadorian, heck even Tibetan! Whatever your gut desires, Bangkok’s got a place for your craving.

One of the most culinarily represented countries in Bangkok’s food scene is Japan. Ramen shops, sushi bars, izakayas, and teppan style establishments litter the restaurant landscape. It is easy to seemingly transport yourself to Japan for a meal. Save yourself a plane ticket cost and visit one of these areas that cater to Japanese tourists and locals in Bangkok instead.

In this article I share one teppan style dining place in particular that I think is a real hidden gem. Though Rakuu is quite popular with local Thais and Japanese visitors for their deliciously affordable, truly authentic teppan dishes with omotenashi service it is little known by westerners.  Continue reading “Rakuu – Great Teppan Style Dining in Bangkok”

Edinburgh, Scotland – Great Places to Eat, Drink, and See

Calton Hill Views

As a food lover, Edinburgh is one of my favorite European city travel destinations. Scottish cuisine is amazing–delicious Aberdeen Angus steaks, incredibly fresh seafood (salmon heaven, I tell you), and a focus on fresh complimenting veggies that extend much further than “neeps and tatties”. Speaking of “neeps and tatties”, let’s not forget Scotland’s most famous culinary contribution haggis! Love it or hate (I love it!) you’ll find it on the menu in some form or another at just about every restaurant/pub in Edinburgh.

fun fact: did you know that Traditional scottish haggis has been banned in the usa since 1971?


During my 4 day/3 night trip to Edinburgh, I found tons of places to eat, drink, and see. But I only want to share the places that truly stood out. If you’re looking for recommendations for places to eat,  drink and see on or near the Royal Mile of Edinburgh THIS article is for you. Continue reading “Edinburgh, Scotland – Great Places to Eat, Drink, and See”

Pakse, Laos – Land of Waterfalls and Beauty

Tad Yuang Waterfall

Laos has always had a special place in my heart. Luang Prabang is one of my favorite getaway destinations from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. So when I was invited to participate in a sponsored trip to the Champasak District of Laos I was both honored and excited. This initiative by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office  was meant to inspire tourism to Southern Laos and places that are off the usual paths for tourists.

The inspiring 4-day itinerary was put together by the Southern Laos tourism organization. It captured the amazing sights of the city of Pakse and natural beauty of the Southern Laos destinations nearby in the Champasak District. If you’re looking for unspoiled landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, all free from throngs of tourists, then put this destination on your radar.

Let me show you some of the things to do and places to eat that makes this place special… Continue reading “Pakse, Laos – Land of Waterfalls and Beauty”

Little Brochette – Turkish Mediterranean Food in Bangkok

Little Brochette Bangkok
update january 25, 2019: on january 21, 2019 little brochette announced on their facebook that they would be closing this location and opening a new location (64 sukhumvit soi 51 (square 51)) on march 1, 2019. I’ll update this article once i’ve been to their new location.


With a name like “Little Brochette“, you’d be surprised to learn this new Bangkok bistro specializes in Turkish cuisine found along the Eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey. I lived in Izmir for 3 years which is located on the North Aegean coast within view of some of the Greek islands. This is the food I ate and loved when I lived there.

There are a few Turkish restaurants in Bangkok–but this new gem captures the Mediterranean flavors as I remember them along with the welcoming hospitality I felt back them. If you love fresh Mediterranean mezes, succulent meat dishes, and wines without breaking the bank then you will love this place.

Let me introduce you to the menu!  Continue reading “Little Brochette – Turkish Mediterranean Food in Bangkok”