PitBull BBQ – Simply Delicious Barbecue!

Update (13FEB23) – Pitbull BBQ is no longer in operation.

Many moons ago, it wasn’t easy finding solid BBQ options in the Bangkok food scene. Then seemingly overnight loads of great BBQ joints began to pop up everywhere making it easy to find great BBQ to satisfy whatever craving you have. It doesn’t matter whether your preferences range from slathered to smoked, Bangkok’s now got it.

It also seems everyone’s got their favorite joint, and everybody knows about it, too.

But I’ve recently discovered one player that’s been flying under the radar for years. PitBull BBQ (official Facebook page) serves up some incredible smoked barbecue meats and unique and addictive sandwiches at fair prices.

I had a chance to explore their menu a bit, and as you can see, nothing makes me happier than BBQ done well.

Chowing down on some good BBQ!

Let me show you what makes PitBull BBQ simply delicious barbecue…

PitBull BBQ’s menu offers plenty of smoked meat and creative drool-worthy sandwiches. To get a fair sampling, my gal and I chose two different types of meat and sandwiches. It’s just a small representation of what they have to offer. You really should check out their menu to see what they’re rockin’.

Let’s begin with the smoked meats!

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs (full rack – 490 baht)

I’m of the opinion that no BBQ feast would be complete without stripping a few ribs down to the bone. That’s an easy thing to do with Pitbull BBQ’s pork ribs. They sell their Pork Ribs by the 1/3 rack (190 baht) 1/2 rack (270 baht), and the meat feast pictured above, full rack (490 baht). Each is served with coleslaw and pickled jalapeño and pickle slices.

PitBull BBQ uses high quality locally sourced pork from a free-range farm located in Nakhon Pathom. It’s incredibly flavorful, and so tender after being smoked over low heat, that a butterknife is all you need to separate each rib. For me, the meat has the perfect hickory smoke penetration for a subtle sweet flavoring and is lightly glazed with their in house BBQ sauce. A light dusting of celery salt gives it a nice citrusy tang.

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs (390 baht)

If you’re a fan of seriously smoky, peppery BBQ you will really enjoy these Australian Wagyu Beef Short Ribs (390 baht). Also served with coleslaw, and pickled jalapeños and cucumbers these bite-size morsels will rock your tastebuds.

This reminds me of traditional Texas style BBQ with intense black pepper and hickory smoke flavor. The meat effortlessly slides right off the short ribs. I could easily eat a pile of these!

Cubano Sandwich

Cubano Sandwich (200 baht)

Trying their Cubano Sandwich (200 baht) was love at first bite. Inspired by the famous Cubano Sandwich originating from Tampa, Florida, invented by two Cuban immigrants, this is a sandwich that once tasted will become a craving. Looking at it now I crave it.

PitBull BBQ’s Cubano is made with slow-cooked pulled pork roast, sliced ham, Swiss Cheese, mustard, and pickles served on a Cuban Bread made special by Bangkok’s famous bread maker Conkey’s Bakery.

The addition of a coriander aioli sauce breaks tradition with the original Cubano recipe, but it adds a lot of flavor to the sandwich.

I highly recommend this particular dish. You won’t be disappointed!

Wagyu Brisket Grilled Cheese (260 baht)

One of PitBull BBQ’s most popular sandwiches is their Wagyu Brisket Grilled Cheese (260 baht).  If I had only one word to describe it that word would be “decadent”. There’s just so much taste and texture here.

The brisket is brined for 48 hours and then slow-smoked with hickory for 16 hours. The result is beef that has had maximum flavor penetration and tenderness that just melts in your mouth.

The secret ingredient in this sandwich is its special homemade bacon jam. For 3 hours they cook bacon until it’s crispy and then sauté onions in the bacon fat and butter until it is caramelized.  The results are a thick jam with sweet, silky-textured onions and salty, crispy bacon.

Okay, now take these two amazing fillings, add melty cheese, and sandwich it between panini grilled bread. You can see why this is such a popular menu item, right?

A chat with the owner…

Vasu, PitBull BBQ Smokemeister

I had the opportunity to chat with PitBull BBQ’s founder and smokemeister, Vasu Chewprecha. Vasu’s story is a bit unique compared to other restaurateurs that I’ve met in that not only did he not have a background in the F&B industry, but he’s also never had a passion for cooking nor does he consider himself to be a “chef”.

Vasu’s background is actually finance, and while managing investment portfolios in London for JP Morgan, he had his first BBQ experiences in the smokehouses of London and New York City. When the markets crashed he returned to Thailand and in the few months in between jobs he decided to get a hobby. He was missing BBQ and his new hobby required a smoker imported from the USA.

He felt his first attempt was disastrous. It tasted nothing like what he enjoyed in the smokehouses in the Western World. Being a numbers guy, he approached the process from that angle. Like a laboratory, he carefully tweaked the spice levels, brine times, and smoke levels and times until he felt it was exactly how he wanted it.

It took a lot of trial and error to get there.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

Pork ribs at PitBull BQQ Bangkok
Recipe perfected!

In fact, he went through 70 racks of ribs before he was finally satisfied. No one can accuse Vasu of lacking dedication or freezer space!

Once he perfected the ribs he began to work with recipes for other meats and sandwiches. His goal was to create BBQ comfort food that’s easy to eat and easy to share. After he assembled a respectable menu he purchased a food truck and turned his hobby into a business.

Taking it on the road…

For the masses! (Source: Facebook)

On days off, Vasu took the PitBull BBQ food truck on the road to bring his smoked goodies to the masses. The food was quite popular for both its fair price and consistency. A self-confessed non-chef, he believes that “Good food is 90% quality ingredients and 10% don’t screw it up.

Once he found local suppliers that could consistently provide top-quality ingredients he simply followed his time proven recipe to the letter to ensure there’d be an unfailingly positive result. Once you’ve tried you’ll recognize the quality of ingredients and effort made to let the them shine.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

PitBull BBQ is available by delivery through many of the delivery apps but to take advantage of their specials it’s best to order directly through their Facebook page. For private or large events, the food truck is also available for catering.

You can expect in the coming months for them to establish a dine-in restaurant which will be located in the Sukhumvit Soi 22 area (the article will be updated when that happens).

I want to hear from you!

Should you decide to experience PitBull BBQ I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram. However you choose, I’d love to hear from you!

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