Saawaan located in the heart of Bangkok, recently introduced its new menu, which we had the pleasure of trying this month. Known for its exceptional dining experiences, Saawaan’s latest seasonal menu is a blend of traditional Thai techniques and innovative culinary styles by Chef de Cuisine Saritwat “Earth” Wanvichitkun and Chef Pâtissière Arisara “Paper” Chongphanitkul.

Chef Earth’s culinary approach, influenced by his Phuket heritage, shines through in every dish, showcasing the richness of Southern Thai cuisine. Many of the dishes were prepared table side so we also had the pleasure of dinner and a show! Our dining experience began with a selection of amuse-bouche, setting the stage for the culinary journey ahead.

Let’s delve into our dining experience:

The Amuse-bouche

Our meal started with a tasty selection of appetizers, with the “chili meringue” standing out as the star among them. What immediately struck us was the incredible attention to detail and effort made in the presentation of these pretty bite sized treats.

Course 1

The “RAW” course featured Ranong blue swimmer crab marinated in seaweed and fish sauce, wrapped in mango with tomato jelly and green mango juice dressing. Beautifully presented it packed a citrusy punch!

Course 2

Next, the “FERMENTED” course combined homemade preserved krill with Ratchaburi pork jowl and Phuket pineapple for a flavorful blend. A favorite dish from the menu–the pork jowl was beyond tender.

Course 3

The “YUM” course showcased Nakhon Pathom organic eggs with hairy fruited eggplant and kasang leaves, adding an innovative twist to traditional ingredients. It was a shame to have to destroy it to eat it, but the flavors left us with no regrets.

Course 4

For the “BOILED” course, French charolais beef araignee with palm heart and pickled sisaket shallot displayed Chef Earth’s precision cooking. Initially influenced by Chef Earth’s grandmother’s “Tom Kati Nua Khem,” a coconut soup featuring salted beef.

Course 5

We then indulged in the “STEAMED” course, a showcase of à la minute cooking with Ranong line-caught squid and som saa, complemented by kalamansi and kaffir lime for a burst of citrusy freshness.

Course 6

The visually stunning “CHARCHOL” course highlighted wild andaman slipper lobster with etlingera coccinea and torch ginger, alongside white turmeric for a flavorful combination. The dish hits your palate with layers of smoky flavor.

Course 7

A standout from the menu was the “CURRY” course with poularde from M. Duplantier, served with banana stalk and smoked southern curry, accompanied by Khao maan pri kluay rice in banana flower leaves. You definitely won’t leave hungry.

Dessert and Petit fours

Chef Paper’s desserts, like Tiger striped peanut with dark chocolate and Chiang Rai vanilla, offered a sweet conclusion to our culinary journey. We were also surprised with a selection of Petit fours.

The Wine Paring

It can be quite challenging for sommeliers to find wines that complement Thai spices and flavors effectively. However, this particular sommelier demonstrated skill and expertise in achieving a successful pairing. The selection of wines from both the New and Old World was carefully chosen, resulting in an excellent combination that highlighted the thoughtful approach taken.

Chef de Cuisine Saritwat “Earth” Wanvichitkunhef

Chef Earth, from Phuket, began a soul-searching journey after high school, inspired by a meal in Chiang Rai to pursue cooking. Training in French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu, he returned to Phuket, mastering Southern Thai cooking with his mother’s guidance. As Saawaan’s executive chef, he blends Thai techniques with French expertise, supporting local farmers for a distinct culinary experience.

Image courtesy of Saawaan

The Ambiance

The restaurant’s location on Soi Suanplu in Bangkok features tasteful and intimate decor. Its name, translated into “Heaven,” adding to its charm.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

Saawaan has limited seating available so it’s important to make a reservation for your visit.

Their tasting menu changes regularly but you can keep up to date with their specials by following their official Facebook page or Instagram page

Location; Saawaan, 39/19 Soi Suanplu, S Sathon Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120 – Google Map

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