About Me

Who Is this Blogger on Chow Traveller?

Hi there! My name is Paul Moore and though I originally hail from the US I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. I moved to Thailand to retire in November, 2016. I was no stranger to Thailand as I had lived and worked in Bangkok for a few years from 2011-2014. I chose to retire here as the cost of living is much cheaper than the US (so my pension goes a lot further), the medical care is top-notch (also a fraction of the cost in the US), the people are very kind, the food is absolutely amazing, and Bangkok is a springboard for cheap travel with short flight times all throughout Asia.

I retired young, I suppose. I was 43 when I decided to get off the workforce hamster wheel. Sadly I wasn’t able to do this because I became independently wealthy. Rather I had served nearly 24 years of active duty military service in the US Air Force which entitled me to a decent paying pension in which affords a very comfortable living in The Big Mango. I’ve no regrets retiring early, and fond memories of the service I spent to my country. Service that afforded me amazing opportunities to live all over the world with two tours to Japan, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Thailand, and Niger. Throw in a few deployments here and there and you become a very culturally rounded individual.

If you’ve been reading any of my blog entries you probably guessed that I like to eat (and drink and cook!) and travel. As I mentioned I am not independently wealthy; I can only afford to do so much of those activities and so I must have other (affordable) hobbies! This blog is one of those hobbies and it’s my hope that it leads me to meeting like minded individuals who also appreciate chowing down on some good food and traveling.

So please poke around at my scribblings. I hope you find something of interest, or if you are able to check out some of the places I’ve written about that it showed you a place you might not have experienced and benefited a business worthy of your time and appetite. Of course I also welcome your feedback or any recommendation you might have. I’m always excited to try new venues and dishes!