About Me

Who Is this Blogger on Chow Traveller?

Hi there! My name is Paul Moore and though I originally hail from the USA, I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. I moved to Thailand in November, 2016. I’m no stranger to Thailand as I had lived and worked in Bangkok for a few years from 2011-2014.

I chose to return to live here as the cost of living is much cheaper than the US, the people are very kind, the food is absolutely amazing, and Bangkok is a springboard for cheap travel with short flight times all throughout Asia. That’s enabled me to be a full-time food and travel blogger!

Living abroad is the norm for me!

I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to live all over the world, Japan, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Niger, and of course Thailand. While living in these locations I’ve grown accustomed to traveling and enjoying new food. Now these two pursuits are what I do!

The Chow Traveller blog combines my love for travel, eating, and writing! It’s my hope that it leads me to meeting like minded individuals who also appreciate chowing down on some good food and traveling.

Enjoy the reads and feel free to contact me!

So please poke around at my scribblings. I hope you find something of interest. If you are able to check out some of the places I’ve written about I’d love to hear your feedback! I’d also welcome any recommendations you might have for places to travel or restaurants to check out. I’m always excited to travel to new places or try new dishes!