I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love Vietnamese food. The Son of Saigon (official Facebook page) is Bangkok’s newest venue to offer Vietnamese cuisine specializing in mouthwatering bún noodle bowls and delicious bánh mì sandwiches.

My gal and I visited them with a friend recently for a deep dive into their menu and I’m very happy to share the experience with you.

Let’s dig in

If you enjoy super savory grilled meats, Vietnamese-style pâté, baguettes, and coffee then this article is for you!

The menu

Son of Saigon’s food menu (English and Thai) focuses on bún noodle bowls and bánh mì sandwiches but they also offer bánh mì chảo and toast dishes as starters. To kick off the meal we enjoyed a starter of toasted baguette with their special homemade pâté.

To start…

Toast with Patê (160 baht)

Because Vietnam was once colonized by France, there are many Vietnamese dishes that have been directly influenced by French cuisine. The two most obvious influential ingredients are pâtè and the ubiquitous French baguette bread found everywhere as part of an appetizer, main, or even dessert!

As a starter, we opted to try the Toast with Pâté (160 baht). Son of Saigon makes their own pâtè in-house using quality pork liver and a family recipe. The baguette is also sourced from a local Vietnamese bakery. If you want to whet your appetite this is a great way to kickstart your meal!

Bánh Mì

If I were to take The Colbert Questionert my answer to the first question, “What is the best sandwich?” would be the Bánh Mì. No other sandwich blends so perfectly a harmony of textures (soft, crunchy, and chewy) and flavors (sweet, sour, spicy (if you include chili), and savory).

Grilled Pork Banh Mi (260 baht)

Son of Saigon makes a bânh mì that delivers a symphony for your tastebuds. Not since the days of Banh Mi Boy (if you know, you know!) have I been this impressed with a bânh mì in Bangkok.

We tried the menu recommended Grilled Pork Banh Mi (260 baht). This sandwich is loaded with savory slices of tender charcoal-grilled pork collar that’s been marinated for 24 hours. Also filling the sandwich is mayonnaise, homemade pork liver pâté, coriander, spring onions, and tangy pickled radish and carrot. It’s all held together inside a baguette loaf that’s perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft and light on the inside.

They also offer sandwich options with charcoal-grilled chicken, chả lụa (a Vietnamese pork sausage), or fried eggs.

Should you ever find yourself in Siagon, here’s where you need to go for a serious bânh mì!

Bánh Mì Chào

Saigon Classic (200 baht)

As a shared starter or a main course, bánh mì chào is an option that covers both bases. The Saigon Classic (200 baht) is a simple dish of fried eggs, pâté, spring onions, and savory/spicy sauces served with a baguette loaf.

Just mix it up!

Simply mix it all up together, slather the mixture on slices of bread, and enjoy! For the bigger appetite, you can also order the bánh mì chào to include grilled pork, grilled chicken, or slices of chả lụa sausage.

Bún Noodle Bowls

Combo Pork and Chicken Bowl (275 baht)

Another popular Vietnamese dish is bún noodles. These bowls are served with cold rice vermicelli noodles, meats, fresh herbs and greens, and pickled vegetables. We went with the menu recommended Combo Pork and Chicken Bowl (275 baht). This is a great option as you get to enjoy both the charcoal-grilled pork collar and tender chunks of chicken thigh meat.

First, dump the savory sauce all over everything. Then just mix it all up with your golden chopsticks and enjoy!


Coconut Toast (100 baht)

We managed to save some room to try Son of Saigon’s only dessert, Coconut Toast (100 baht). It’s a simple dessert of toasted baguette slices drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and grated coconut. Warning: you’d better have a sweet tooth for this dish because it is pretty sweet!


Fruit Teas

Much of Son of Saigon’s menu is drinks (coffee, teas, fruit sodas, and low-calorie fruit sodas). We opted to get some fruit teas that were refreshing and not overly sweet.

Premium Weasel Coffee Drip with Condensed Milk (230 baht)

After the meal, and with our Coconut Toast, we enjoyed cups of Premium Weasel Coffee Drip with Condensed Milk (230 baht). If you’re a coffee nut this is a must-try. It’s a tasty cup of coffee with a Fear Factor story behind it…

A chat with the owner…

Owner and Chef, Shaun

While visiting I had the chance to chat with the owner and chef, Shaun, who just happens to be a son of Saigon. Shaun moved to Bangkok in 2009 and considers this city his second home. The Son of Saigon restaurant is a culinary tribute to his mother who immigrated her family from Saigon to California when Shaun was very young.

Despite the culture and language shock, she was determined to persevere in the new country and equally determined to preserve a part of the Vietnamese heritage for her two children. This preservation most often occurred in the kitchen and was presented at the dining table. The dishes served at Son of Saigon are loving recreations from her recipes.

Son of Saigon opened its doors on September 30, 2021. Shaun wanted the restaurant to feel like home for guests. He chose the decor of illustrations of Saigon scenes and the floor tiles that had personal meaning for him to create a cozy feeling and nostalgia. If you want a taste and feel of Saigon, this place has you covered!

I’m hungry. Where is it?

Located on Phrom Phak Alley near the Thonglor area, Son of Saigon isn’t too close to a BTS or MRT station. It’s best to grab a taxi service.

Their menu (English and Thai) may seem a bit limited to sandwiches and noodle bowls, but follow their Facebook page for when they serve special dishes (usually on weekends). My gal and I are waiting for them to offer broken rice and pork chops again!

I want to hear from you!

Should you decide to experience Son of Saigon, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram (and feel free to like/follow these pages if you want to learn about more foodie gems). However you choose to reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

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