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UPDATE (13FEB23): The House is no longer in operation.

Have you ever looked at a restaurant menu and got the impression that they’re all over the map? That’s the feeling I get when I see a restaurant serving 4 different cuisines like Thai, Indian, Mexican and wood-fired pizzas. These menus get me a little concerned about the lack of focus in the kitchen. When I looked at the menu for The House I could see that it was all over the map but I was excited about it!

Why was I excited? Because The House is focused on cooking stellar dishes around the world whose recipes have been curated over 40 years of travel experiences. These are the recipes that have been passed down for generations. Some are centuries old, and behind each dish is an interesting travel story. I love a good story. It’s even better when great food accompanies a good story!

I won’t ruin it for you. I intend to provide no spoilers because I think a big part of this dining experience is learning about the story behind each dish. But I think when you see the food you’re going to quickly realize that The House is worth a visit to experience for yourself.

Let’s begin!

About the menu…

The House menu is divided into a tasting menu and an a la carte section. There are 2 tasting menu options: a 7-course (2,490++ baht) and a 9-course (2,990++ baht). The a la carte section also has a great 3-course deal where you can choose a starter, midi, and main dish for (1,190++ baht). It is a very good value.

For our visit, in order to thoroughly explore the menu, my gal and I got the 9-course tasting menu and the 3-course of different dishes. During both the 7 and 9-course tasting menu guests receive little placard cards that tell the story of each dish. These placards are not provided when ordering off the a la carte menu. But don’t worry! Owner, Matthias will be thrilled to offer the insights of each dish if you want to know.

A journey around the world!

Tzaztiki at The House Bangkok
The Starter

Our journey began in Greece with a starter of Mykonos Tzatziki & French Baguette. The cucumber, creamy yoghurt, and tangy garlic are perfectly complimented with the crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside slice of French baguette bread.

You can also find this appetizer on the a la carte menu for 190 baht.

Surf’s up!

Hawaiian Duck Balls at The House Bangkok
The Snack

Our next tasting dish was a Sweet & Sour Minced Duck-Balls from Hawaii. A traditional Hawaiian snack, this skewer of incredibly tender meatballs, cherry tomatoes and pineapple reminds me of American Chinese sweet and sour dishes but not as sugary sweet.

A salad for longevity…

Lemony Burrata Fennel Salad at The House Bangkok
The Salad

Our next dish had us virtually traveling across the globe from Hawaii to Italy to experience this Sacra di San Michele Cloister Lemony-Burrata-Fennel Salad. It’s believed that this salad is eaten daily by the local monks at this Piemonte area monastery and is the reason for their longevity (living up to the age of 120 years!).

The salad consists of thinly shaved crunchy fennel, creamy burrata cheese, and sweetened with chunks of orange. This dish is also available as a larger portioned salad on the a la carte menu for 390 baht.

So much flavor!

Trivandrum Mulligatawny at The House Bangkok
The Soup

Our next dish was from India and was one of my personal favorites. The recipe for this Trivandrum Mulligatawny is also over 300 years old. This 11-herbed curry soup is intensely flavorful and served with naan bread. It’s a must-try dish. Seriously.

It’s also found in larger portions as a midi dish on the a la carte menu for 390 baht. If you love a super flavorful curry this will blow you away!

A different ceviche!

Venezuela Ceviche from The House Bangkok
The Sea

Our next dish gave us a taste of South America. This Venezuelan Ceviche of Salto Ángel is made with chunks of red snapper soaked in spicy herbed lime juice and mixed with mango and passion fruit. It’s very different from its Mexican and Peruvian counterparts! If you enjoy ceviche you have to try it. One caution, that red chili is for decoration!

I want this recipe!

Cape Town Lamb Bobotie at The House Bangkok
The Casserole

Our next dish had us crisscrossing the ocean again. This time to Cape Town, South Africa. This casserole dish is called a Lamb Bobotie. It’s a legendary local dish made with curry-spiced minced lamb, banana, and apricots. You can thank the Dutch who essentially invented this dish from their travels sailing the circuit from Indian influenced Java to Africa.

It’s also found as a larger dish as a midi on the a la carte menu for 490 baht. If you want to expand your palate I highly recommend you try this amazing dish!

From East Prussia with love…

Königsberger Veal-Klopse at The House Bangkok
The Meat

Back to Europe, our next dish was this Königsberger Veal-Klopse on Rice. These veal meatballs are unique in that they’re served in a creamy sauce that’s surprisingly sour. That’s because the sauce is seasoned with lemon juice and briny capers. It’s a Polish staple dish with beer.

It’s also found in a larger portion on the a la carte menu served as a main dish with potatoes (not rice) for 590 baht.

Heaven and Earth

Boudin Noir at The House Bangkok
The Wild

From Poland to Germany isn’t far too travel, but the tastes of the two dishes couldn’t be more different. This Himmel & Äed with Boudin means heaven and earth because of the apples (grown high) and potatoes (grown below). Normally served with blood sausage, this dish is served with French Boudin Noir which is specially made to recipe for The House. The secret is to get a little piece of sausage, potato, and apple puree in one bite!

It’s also found on the a la carte menu in larger portions as a main dish for 690 baht.

A sweet finish!

Baked Cinnamon Apple Dessert at The House
The End

How do you end an amazing meal made of dishes from the recipes of grandmothers around the world? Simple. Finish with a special dessert made from the recipe of the owner’s own grandmother! This Honey Cinnamon & Goat Cheese baked Apple with Red Wine Cake is a family recipe that was passed down from Matthias’ grandmother. It tastes like Christmas.

The red wine cake tastes like a chocolatey brownie with a glass of mulled wine. The creamy goat cheese, and spiced honey, baked inside the apple is as tasty as it is beautifully presented. Crowning this pretty dessert is a long piece of crispy pancetta. Grandma must have known that everything is made better with bacon!

You can find this dish as a dessert on the a la carte menu for 490 baht.

This completed the 9-course tasting menu. But let me share a few notable dishes from our 3-course tasting from the a la carte menu we tried, too!

There’s food in my drink…

Appetizer at The House Bangkok
Scandinavian Soft Boiled Duck Egg, Salmon Tartare, and Caviar

For the starter dish, we ordered the Scandinavian Soft Boiled Duck Egg on Smoked Salmon Tartare & Caviar. It was presented in a martini glass which meant I had to fight the instinct to drink it. It’s a delicious starter, though! Break the soft boiled duck egg so that the yolk mixes with the smoked salmon and caviar. There’s a lot of flavor in this dish!

If you want this starter a la carte it is 290 baht.

A different pancake!

Potato Pancakes at The House Bangkok
Vienna Style Potato Pancakes with Smoked Rainbow Trout

For the midi dish, we ordered the Vienna Style Potato Pancakes topped with Dilled Sour Cream and Flakes of Smoked Rainbow Trout. The potato pancakes have a crispy texture similar to hash browns (frying them in lard gives them a lot of flavor, too!). The combination of creamy dill sauce, and smokey fish meat makes this dish a winner in my book!

If you want this starter a la carte it is 490 baht.

Hungarian meatballs

Budapest Pork Belly Dumplings at The House Bangkok
Budapest Pork Belly Dumplings with Hungarian Sauerkraut

For the main course we ordered this Budapest Pork Belly Dumplings with Spicy Hungarian Paprika and Sauerkraut. Underneath that mound of fermented goodness are super tender meatballs made from pork belly and white rice. The sauce is made with both sweet and spicy Hungarian paprika. The results are a sweet, spicy, and sour comfort food!

If you want this starter a la carte it is 590 baht.

A chat with the owners…

Owners, Matthias and Gigee

During our visit I had the chance to meet with The House owners, Matthias and Gigee. The inspiration for The House was based on them frequently dining out in Bangkok and feeling like the food scene was trending towards fusion food. The food was still enjoyable, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to find food that was “traditional”. They got the idea to open a restaurant focused on world cuisine created from traditional recipes. The House was opened in October 2019.

Originally from Darmstadt, Germany Matthias has been traveling and living all over the world for over 40 years. During his travels when he ate something special he would collect the recipe. The House menu serves as a repository for those foodie gems. It changes seasonally, so make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page!

Matthias is über knowledgable about food and travel and very happy to provide his insight. If you are passionate about these two subjects then you’ve found an excellent conversation partner here.

The head chef…

Chef Bon from The House Bangkok
Chef Bon

Chef Bon previously worked at Thai and European restaurants at 5-Star-Hotels, but after learning about what The House was doing he wanted to be a part of it. He felt it was a tremendous opportunity to be able to cook food from all around the world!

Feel at home…

The House got its name from the fact that it’s a beautiful old Thai home. The restaurant area takes the ground floor. Able to accommodate 18 guests, they provide an intimate dining experience with very attentive service.

Drink up!

Bartender at The House Bangkok

The full-service bar is also located on the ground floor. They have an excellent selection of spirits, wines, and beers. The bartender knows what they’re doing, too.

Garden getaway…

There is space in the yard area for private conversation and an area for smokers. The outside garden is green and serene.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

The House is located on Yen Akat 2 Alley. There is a small sign on the wall outside so pay attention or you may just walk/drive past it. They have limited parking available. Call ahead to let them know if you need parking so they can open the gate for you.

If you are looking to experience authentic traditional dishes from around the world I highly recommend a visit to The House. One note, if you plan to do the 9-course tasting menu you will want to budget at least 2.5 hours. It’s not just a meal, it’s an event!

I want to hear from you!

Should you decide to visit The House I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram. However you choose, I’d love to hear from you!

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