Many moons ago while I was living in Niamey, Niger I got it in my head that it would be a good thing to quit smoking. After kicking those cancer sticks I experienced a newfound appreciation for food as well as a sudden interest in cooking. I used Facebook to keep in touch with my family and friends and I began a photo album in which I would upload the things I was cooking or the interesting things I was eating locally. Over time the photo album became pretty full and difficult to manage. I was encouraged to create my own space on the web in which I could organize the information any way I feel, and my friends, family, or folks I don’t know but are interested in what I post can access that information without it being swallowed up as a post in their newsfeed.

I knew my blog would be about my two favorite things: food and travel. Coming up with a domain name wasn’t easy, though. All the best ones are taken! I tried to come up with a wordoid (a made up word that incorporates a word or combines words like “gastrography”) but many of these words were also claimed as domain names, made no sense, or would probably end up on some fetish search engine. I liked “GastroMoore” as it had a nice ring to it and incorporated my name. But I began to reflect on it a bit and I started to not like that it incorporated my name. Thinking of the future, I think it’s good to keep a door open for “branding” and that can be a little awkward if you try to brand your name…unless you have a name like Hilton or Trump. So the “Chow Traveller” was born!

I’m sure some folks are saying, “Hey! You’re an American. Why “Traveller” and not “Traveler”. Fair enough. My gal is European and I have spent so much time in Europe that when we were coming up with names the extra “l” seemed natural in “Traveller”. 

Admin note: I registered chowtraveler.com as well after some encouragement from a good friend who regretted not registering a domain name which was similar to his personal blog domain name. It’s kind of neat really. The single “l” (chowtraveler) URL now directs you to my site. Try it out!

I’m also sure folks are saying, “Hey! Your logo is so freaking super cool! What’s the story with that?”. Well my gal, Anna, is amazingly awesome at graphic design. We were having one of the best kho soi noodle soups at Eats Payao and we started talking about the blog (in it’s infancy stage) and she suggested a logo. I thought about the world as a flat circle with a knife and fork beside it and the title and web address encircling it. I also thought it’d be neat to have an airplane and little red dots that make it look like it’s traveling (you know, like that Raider’s of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones travels all over the place?). But it looked way too busy….no bueno. But the plane was cool so we kept that (though that was the most time consuming piece; where to put it on the globe?). Anna made it work. 

If you are like me and enjoy chowing down and traveling I hope you will find some interesting reads in this blog. Please feel free to contact me in the form below if you have any questions or would like further information regarding my posts, or just to provide some feedback. I’d love to hear from you!