My gal and I have been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Our discovery of Rad Meats has enabled us to push our culinary creativity to new levels, affordably whipping up new and exciting dishes in our own kitchen. This article features 4 breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that we created using 2 packs of assorted sausages and bacon. It wasn’t intentional…it just kind of worked out that way.

Let’s dig in!

Many of the dishes featured here also include links to the recipes we used so that you can easily make your own rad meals with Rad Meats. If you’re living in Bangkok and have been discovering your inner chef lately this article is for you!

What’d we get?

First off, let me start with what meat we had to work with. Rad Meats offers a large variety of sausages, bacon, cured meats, and condiments on their product page. To get a nice sampling of what they have to offer we got 2 variety sausage sets and 2 different bacon packages. The variety packs that we ordered were the Exotic Set (500 baht) and the Fresh Set (295 baht). We also got a few of their condiments.

The Exotic Set introduces 7 sausage links from all around the world which include Loukaniko Sausage (x2),  Chorizo Sausage (x1), Spicy Kielbasa Sausage (x2), and Merguez Sausage (x2).

The Fresh Set features 5 different fresh sausages from around the world that are great for making quick, easy, and satisfying meals.  The sausage featured in this set is a link of Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst Sausage, Fresh Kielbasa Sausage, and Chicken & Oregano Sausage.

Of course, everyone knows that bacon makes any meal better. So we also got 2 orders of bacon, Black Pepper Bacon (225 baht) and Chocolate Bacon (225 baht). For good measure, we also got a cured meat, Pepperoni (80 baht).

So this is what we had to work with. Let’s begin with the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

Breakfast Dishes

My kind of breakfast bowl!

It’s pretty easy to whip up breakfast with some sausage links and bacon. But we shied away from the traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, with fried sausages and/or bacon and upped our kitchen game with these dishes!

Chocolate Bacon

French toast with chocolate bacon!

First off, If you think bacon makes everything taste better then try to imagine how amazing chocolate bacon makes things taste!

Lately, we’ve been on a sourdough bread kick with weekly deliveries from our favorite bakery, Sourdough. We’ve found that thick slices of their Classic Wheat (120 baht) bread is perfect for French Toast. This recipe is great to use, especially for thick-cut slices of bread. We halved it to make 2 portions.

What you see pictured here are 2 slices of fluffy French Toast with maple syrup, which we then decorated with fresh berries, mint leaves, banana slices, and cottage cheese. This was crowned with a couple of crispy slices of Rad Meats’ Chocolate Bacon and a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Tasty and Instagram-worthy!

This bacon is cured with local 70% dark chocolate from Thai chocolatier Kad Kokoa. Combining chocolate and bacon results in pure mouth bliss and savory goodness to any dish!

Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo sausage breakfast bowl…assemble and eat!

During the week my breakfast is usually oatmeal with fruit or if I’m feeling fancy a smoothie bowl. On the weekends I splurge and if I’m lucky my gal will pamper me with something really special for breakfast.

I was lucky on this particular weekend and enjoyed waking up to this delicious and colorful chorizo breakfast bowl my gal had prepared…

Rad Meats makes a tasty Mexican-style Chorizo Sausage (500 grams/380 baht) that is intensely flavorful and spiced with 3 different kinds of chilies sourced from local farms. A single link is all you need to make an ordinary breakfast extraordinary.

For this breakfast bowl, she fried up the chorizo link together with some homemade salsa. It was served with a fried egg with shredded cheese, corn tortilla, and avocado slices topped with baby spinach and pico de gallo sauce.

This chorizo breakfast bowl will have your tastebuds shouting, “Olé!”

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast sausage muffins.

Rad Meats makes tasty artisanal Breakfast Sausages (500 grams/340 baht) seasoned with sage, black pepper, and garlic that are perfect for starting your morning right. But for a real treat, use these links in this recipe to make a meal out of a muffin. These filling muffins are loaded with eggs, cheese, veggies, and of course, chunks of delicious breakfast sausage.

We rounded out the meal using these muffins in breakfast bowls with slices of avocado and tomato salad.

Fresh Kielbasa Sausage

Fresh kielbasa hash…

I enjoy a good hash in the morning. I’m also finally at an age where I don’t have to be completely hungover to really appreciate it. What do you do with that last potato and veggies that look like they’re on their way out? Dice ’em up and fry ’em up with some protein. In this instance, that protein source was Rad Meats’ Fresh Kielbasa (500 grams/340 baht) and bacon.

We basically diced up potato, onion, and carrot which we fried in the oil leftover from cooking the bacon and sausage. We tossed it all together, garnished with Rad Meats’ Honey Mustard (200-gram jar/170 baht) and Bread and Butter Pickled Cucumbers (200-gram jar/170 baht), and fresh sprigs of thyme.

These kielbasa sausages are made fresh every week using traditional Polish methods and are seasoned with heady garlic spices and local sea salt sourced from Thailand’s coastal farms. They’d be amazing on their own with just some mustard, but their superstar power was unleashed in this tasty breakfast hash!

Lunch Dishes


For lunch, we chose to create dishes new to us. Each one wasn’t too difficult to prepare and all showcased the Rad Meats products we used very well. My gal cooked most of these dishes but I was happy to be able to contribute some winners, too!


Pepperoni and pasta salad…

When thinking of what to cook with Rad Meats Pepperoni (100 gram/80 baht), my first thought was pizza, of course. But the odds are that if you’re having an AMAZING pepperoni pizza in Bangkok it’s because they’ve sourced their pepperoni from Rad Meats–and I’m not going to make a better pizza in my kitchen that’s better than Pizza Mania or Chef Bing.

So we really wanted to make something different with this pepperoni.

That’s why we went in a completely different direction with it. This colorful Italian salad was made with pepperoni, creamy burrata mozzarella, baby spinach, fresh basil, a mix of tomatoes, Galletti pasta, and kalamata olives. There is so much flavor in this bowl and no nap is needed after finishing it!

This is a tasty pepperoni. It’s not over-the-top spicy and has a wonderful flavor. Whatever you want to do with it in your kitchen I am sure you’re going to love it!

Italian Sausage

Orecchiette with zucchini sauce and Italian sausage

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats the fresh taste and texture of homemade pasta. I absolutely love it. But I absolutely HATE rolling pasta…

But then I was introduced to Orecchiette by my friend from Stranger in Bangkok. It is probably the easiest pasta in the world to make that requires only 3 ingredients and a dinner knife to prepare. It’s a true game-changer in our house!

I followed this simple recipe to make the Orecchiette. Using a couple of zucchini we had on hand, I whipped up this easy pasta sauce with this recipe adding a fried link of Rad Meats tasty Italian Sausage (500 grams/340 baht) to the sauce. Their artisanal Italian sausages are seasoned with fennel, nutmeg, chilies, and garlic which gave these little pasta “ears” and zucchini sauce some real zip!

Spicy Kielbasa Sausage

Creamy sauerkraut soup with spicy kielbasa…

If you’re looking for pure comfort food look no further…

This creamy sauerkraut, potato, and spicy kielbasa soup will warm your soul. It certainly warmed my belly!

Using Rad Meats Sauerkraut (200 grams/135 baht) and 2 links of their Spicy Kielbasa Sausages (500 grams/365 baht), my gal followed this recipe.

It was easy to prepare and as these sausages are seasoned with 3 different types of chilies, they deliver a real kick that’s tempered by the creamy soup. The only thing missing from this picture is the crusty bread used for mopping the last bits of deliciousness from the bowl!

Bratwurst Sausage

Currywurst and Fries…just add beer!

The first time I tried currywurst it was love at first bite. It’s no surprise that we’d want to try and make it ourselves using Rad Meats Fresh Bratwurst (500 grams/340 baht). We were very happy with the results.

Their artisanal bratwurst is authentically seasoned with black pepper, garlic, and marjoram. If you like a flavorful bratwurst this is it. Throw these links on a BBQ and let the beer and good times flow. But if you want to challenge yourself a bit, make currywurst!

This recipe includes how to prepare the bratwurst as well as make the traditional curry ketchup that accompanies it. We took a shortcut by using Rad Meats Curry Ketchup (200 grams/115 baht) as a base and made our own thick-cut home-fried potatoes. This goes well with an ice-cold beer!

Dinner Dishes

Wine time!

If you’re going to break out a bottle of wine with dinner, why not make damned sure it’s going to be an awesome meal? With these Rad Meats products, we did just that. Want to cook something impressive? Read on.

Loukaniko Sausage

Spetsofai with Loukaniko sausage

Of all the cooking we did, THIS was my favorite dish. I’d never heard of the Greek-style Loukaniko sausage before, nor the dish Spetsofai

It’s a simple dish of sausages and peppers and a traditional local specialty dish from the area of Pelion, Greece. My gal used Rad Meats Greek-style Loukaniko Sausages (500 grams/540 baht) made with locally sourced farmed lamb, fennel, orange peels, leeks, and coriander. It was amazing!

It was also easy to prepare and was inspired by these cooking instructions. This meal would be excellent with crusty bread and feta cheese, but for a Swedish twist, we enjoyed it with Hasselback potatoes. Sausage and potatoes just go together!

No matter what you decide to pair with the dish you can’t go wrong so long as you don’t spare the wine in both the dish and your glass!

Merguez Sausage

Tagine with Merguez sausages…

One of the best vacation purchases my gal and I have made is our tagine pots from our Moroccan adventure to Marrakech. We’ve made a lot of great meals with these traditional pots–this tagine was certainly tasty!

It also wasn’t too difficult to prepare following this recipe (I reduced the recipe to 1/3 to make 2 portions). The spicy sausages, veggies, chickpeas, and couscous make a very filling meal.

We were both very impressed with Rad Meats Merguez (500 grams/550 baht) which is made with 100% lamb (even the casing!). These sausages have a tasty heat that will spice up any Mediterranean/Middle Eastern dish you want to make.

Chicken and Oregano Sausage

Chicken and Oregano Sausage meal…

At first, it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what to do with the Rad Meats Chicken and Oregano Sausage (500 grams/250 baht). When I think of chicken sausage I think of those cheap 7-11 hot dogs or curbside vendors. Not exciting, right? Wrong!

These chicken sausages are NOTHING like those cheap links. These chicken sausages have a wonderful earthy oregano flavor and a bold smokiness that deserves to take the plate’s center stage. For this meal, the sausage was fried and served on a bed of creamy homemade polenta (an easy thing to do with cornmeal!) with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and sliced tomatoes.

Pepper Bacon

Crispy pepper bacon with duck breast.

I began this article with a breakfast that was made better with bacon. It just seems fitting to close with a “baconized” dinner!

For this dinner, my gal seared the duck breast to render the fat and then roasted it in the oven. The potatoes, carrots, and spring onions were coated with the duck fat and also roasted. The meat and veggies were served with fresh figs, a red wine jus, and crispy slices of Rad Meats Black Pepper Bacon (250 grams/225 baht).

The bacon has the perfect amount of salt, spice, and pepperiness that makes this a great meal with a glass of red wine!

A chat with the owner…

Proprietor, Radek Zarebinski

Rad Meats was born in 2018 out of former chef and proud Polack Radek Zarebinski’s desire to introduce Bangkok to artisanal sausages and smoked meats that are done right. Exclusively using local, natural ingredients, Rad Meats products are packed with bold flavors that would satisfy even the fussiest Polish babcia.

From years of cultivating relationships with small farmers, Radek has been able to source their best quality cuts of hormone-free, organic meat. He has also locally sourced much of the spices such as sea salt from Petchaburi, chili flakes from Samut Sakom, and coconut sugar from Mae Klong used in his production.

His philosophy is simple: “Natural, organic, and healthy. No additives, no fillers, and no MSG.  No bullshit.”

In short, Rad Meats makes rad meat products. If you’ve lived in Bangkok for a while there’s a good chance you’ve already tried them as he supplies his products to many popular restaurants such as D’ark, Holy Moly, Smoking Pug, Little Market, Mickeys DinerChef Bing, Gallery Pizza, Michetta, Pizza Mania, and many others.

So if you want to up your game in the kitchen, why not order from the supplier of these fine establishments?

How do I order?

You can order Rad Meats via LINE (@radmeats), directly e-mail them at, or visit their website and click the order button.

I want to hear from you!

Should you decide to order from Rad Meats I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram (and feel free to like/follow these pages if you want to learn about more foodie gems). However you choose to reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

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