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Smizzle Burger Bangkok Oklahoma

I’ve been fortunate this past year to have a dear friend visiting Thailand. Throughout his time here it’s been nice taking him to my favorite food spots and our most bromantic dining has been over burgers and beers. But after hitting the same burger joints repeatedly I wanted to try a place we’d never been to and one place that was suggested to me to check out was Smizzle (official Facebook page).

The friend that made the suggestion knows his burgers and told me Smizzle was currently one of his Top 2 favorite burgers in Bangkok and that they were “good at the smash burger game“. I love a good burger and when it comes to burgers I like them best when they’re smashed. I’ll take a thin crispy beef edge over a greasy thick patty any day!

Bring on the burgers!

So when we visited Smizzle my buddy and I loaded up with 4 different burgers. It was a lot of food. But it also provided a fair sampling of the menu for me to share with you. If you’re a fan of smash-style burgers you’re going to want to learn more about Smizzle and visit them for yourself!

The Menu

Smizzle’s menu offers 7 signature burgers that offer many customizations such as add-on toppings. With the exception of 1 burger, The Kiddo (150 baht), all burgers by default come with double patties. However, you can customize these 6 burgers to have single or triple patties at -/+ 80 baht. The burger patties are fairly sized at 80 grams–so adjust accordingly to your desired belt size.

The beef patties are made from cuts of Charolais 300-day grain-fed antibiotic and hormone-free beef blended with Thai Wagyu. The pork patties use premium pork that is blended with pieces of smoked bacon. During our visit, we got 4 signature burgers to share and I downsized The Hulk to a single patty.

Okay, let’s eat!

The Oklahoma

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Oklahoma Burger
The Oklahoma (270 baht)

If you’re a fan of fried onions, then The Oklahoma (270 baht) burger is right up your alley. This burger was invented out of necessity near the beginning of the Great Depression by the owner of a burger joint called the Hamburger Inn in Oklahoma. The establishment was located near Route 66 and the owner was looking for ways to satisfy the hunger of his motorist diners without having to use more ground beef which was very costly then.

The answer was to fry lots of thinly sliced onions with the patties and this style of burger quickly took off!


The Oklahoma-style burger comes with double meat patties that are smashed with LOADS of onions, double cheese, sliced dill pickles, and garlic onion sauce. This is Smizzle’s best-selling burger and one bite will have you be singing, “Oooooooooklahoma!”

Burgers in space?

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Oklahoma
If burgers could fly…

The Crusty Blondy (290 baht) is the chef-recommended burger that’s unique to Smizzle’s menu. I haven’t seen anything like it at other Bangkok burger joints, and it answered my question as to what burgers might look like if they descended upon the planet from outer space.

Getting the cheese crusty…

Imagine a cheeseburger but instead of laying a slice of cheese on the meat patty, fry that cheese so that it’s thin and crispy first…

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Crusty Blondy Burger
Crusty Blondy (290 baht)

Then build that burger with double patties, another slice of cheese, onions, pickles, and for a kick, a spicy Sriracha mayo sauce. For me, the texture of the crispy cheese is strangely chewy, but together the entire burger tastes out of this world!

Uncle Sam

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Uncle Sam Burger
Uncle Sam (260 baht)

Smizzle’s answer to those who just want a simple cheeseburger is the Uncle Sam (260 baht) burger. Made with a double patty, double cheese, sliced onions, dill pickles, and Smizzle sauce it’s a classic burger that’s an American favorite!

The Hulk

Smizzle Burger Bangkok The Hulk
The Hulk (Lite/220baht)

I wanted a burger with a single patty to see if having only one meat patty would still make a satisfying burger. For that experiment, I chose The Hulk (Lite/220 baht). If you’re looking for a somewhat guilt-free burger this is a good approach to it. By ordering it “lite” the burger comes with a single patty, cheese, sliced tomatoes, mashed avocado, avocado slices, and dijon mustard mayo sauce.

If you enjoy a good burger, but don’t want to feel like you need a nap immediately afterward, ordering “lite” off of Smizzle’s menu is a great option to choose from and will save you 80 baht off each burger!


Messy Fries (185 baht)

Smizzle’s menu also contains some side options to enjoy with your burger. For our visit, my friend and I enjoyed a side of Messy Fries (185 baht). True to their name, they’re messy. But what do you expect when you slather fries with melted cheese, crumbled bacon, and Smizzle sauce?

It’s a solid side item but if you’re wearing white or if you’re a Napolean Dynamite fan, order the Tater Tots (145 baht)!

Oh yeah!

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Shakes
Salted Caramel Shake (190 baht)

Instead of beer, we decided to enjoy our burger with one of Smizzle’s ice cream shakes. I chose the Salted Caramel Shake (190 baht). It’s rich and creamy and a decadent drink to enjoy with a smash burger!

A behind-the-scenes peek…

A sneak peek behind the scenes…

During our visit, we had a chance to check out the action in the kitchen. There’s really no better way to build up an appetite for a burger than to watch someone take a beef ball and smash it into a perfectly thin crispy beef patty and listen to it sizzling on the grill.

Smash it and hear the sizzle!

I asked the owner if the name “Smizzle” had any significance. She told me it was a mash-up of the words “smash” and “sizzle”. That makes perfect sense as that’s what these burgermeisters are doing in the kitchen — smashing great balls of meat until they sizzle into perfect patties for some seriously tasty burgers.


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You can see the behind-the-scenes action in this short reel I posted to Chow Traveller Instagram Channel.

I’m hungry. Where is it?

First floor of Bambini Villa (source@Facebook)

Smizzle is located on the first floor of the Bambini Villa which is located near the K Village on Sukhumvit Soi 26.

Ready to order…

There’s plenty of room for dine-in. Though, we saw plenty of delivery drivers popping in and out of the place to pick-up orders.

Smizzle Burger Bangkok Dine In Area

There’s also plenty of parking available nearby. It’s just a great place to tuck in for a quick burger or hang out with a friend and have a burger feast!

I want to hear from you!

Should you decide to experience Smizzle, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below, directly to me, or via message on either the Chow Traveller Facebook page or Chow Traveller Instagram (and feel free to like/follow these pages if you want to learn about more about the foodie gems I find). However you choose to reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

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