Delicious Hong Kong Noodles in Bangkok- Tim’s Noodle House

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok

I’m always on the lookout for great food in Bangkok that doesn’t break the bank–especially when I’ve been hitting my bank account hard with all these recent travels. A good friend recommended that I check out Tim’s Noodle House (official Facebook page). Their dishes are homemade using high quality ingredients, incredibly inexpensive, and delicious. I’m excited to share this recommendation to you as for me it was love at first bite.

Let’s get straight to the food, shall we?

It’s all about the ingredients…

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
Crispy pork made daily…

My friend and I visited as they were opening so we’d have a chance to see what they were working with. Tim’s Noodle House prepares their crispy pork, BBQ red pork, pork wontons, and shrimp dumplings fresh daily. One thing you’ll notice with their crispy pork is that most of the fat is rendered out in their cooking process. The crispy skin is crunchy, but not that “rock your jaw” crunchy. The pork itself is flavorful, tender, juicy, and not at all fatty.

The BBQ red pork has a nice flavorful char on the outside yet is tender and succulent inside. You can see from the picture above that it’s coated in caramelized garlic deliciousness. They serve it in most of their menu dishes so there’s a good chance you’re going to get it and love it.

Also made daily are the pork wontons and shrimp dumplings. Both fillings contain bits of fresh ginger and water chestnut which provide a little crunchy texture and burst of flavor. Each shrimp dumpling contains a whole shrimp that’s cooked perfectly (slightly sweet with a crunch). All their wontons and dumplings are cooked to order so what you’re getting is fresh and perfectly textured.

The BEST egg noodles in Bangkok…

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
Fresh egg noodles…

Tim’s Noodle House outsources their egg noodle production in accordance with their own developed recipe. It took them 4 months to develop what they felt was the “perfect” egg noodle, and their recipe does contain more eggs than standard recipes. Cooked perfectly al dente, you’ll immediately recognize the difference from other noodle shops. If you’re a noodle nut you’d be hard pressed to find a finer egg noodle in Bangkok–especially at these prices.

Look, Mom…no oil!

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
Homemade pork rinds

These homemade pork rinds are different from what you’ll usually find at other noodle stalls. They’re not as crunchy, and they are full of flavor. Tim’s Noodle House doesn’t use oil in any of their cooking. They use lard. It’s healthier. It’s also more flavorful. That is most easily recognized when you pop one of these pork rinds in your mouth! I could shamelessly eat a bag of these. Don’t judge me.

Good noodles need a good broth…

The soup base…

One thing that really sets Tim’s Noodle House apart from other noodle places is it’s broth. They have their own secret recipe but the 3 main ingredients are ginger, daikon radish, and Japanese bonito flakes. It’s one of the “cleanest” soup broths I’ve had in Bangkok–very savory but not overpowering the flavors of the noodles and other ingredients in the bowl. When you order noodles “dry” make sure to enjoy this broth on the side. It’s incredible.

The feast!

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok

As you can see, my friend and I were pretty hungry. This was A LOT of food…and no we couldn’t finish it all off. But we really wanted to sample what Tim’s Noodle House had to offer. Incredibly with all of this food (including a dessert) and our drinks our bill total came to 328 baht. I said this place was inexpensive, but take a look at theirĀ menu. I freaking love this place!

Let me show you what we ate…

Something “special”!

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
Mini “Super” Special (90 baht)

You won’t find this on the menu. Tim’s Noodle House has a secret menu item and now you know about it. This is the Mini “Super” Special (90 baht). The LARGE “super” special is twice the size and 150 baht–a real meal and a helluva deal. This bowl showcases everything they have to offer: egg noodles, red pork, crispy pork, shrimp dumplings, pork wontons, pork rinds, fish roe (on the menu as shrimp roe), Chinese bok choy, and a creamy soft boiled duck egg (they don’t use chicken eggs).

I could eat this everyday. Seriously.

Tim’s Noodle House is unique in that they offer roe on some of their noodle dishes. It makes it special. Order this dry and mix it all together ensuring you coat the noodles well with that roe. Trust me, your tastebuds will thank you!

So cheap!

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
#7 Egg Noodle, Wonton, and Pork (55 baht)

If you’re not a fan of roe and want a sampling of what Tim’s Noodle House has to offer, get the #7 on their menu. It’s basically a special but without the roe or duck egg. You get an incredible meal for only 55 baht. If you order it dry you’ll get a small bowl of broth on the side. You want that. Trust me!

Mixed dumplings…

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
#4 Mixed Dumplings and Red Pork (55 baht)

If noodles aren’t your thing I recommend you order the #4. The Mixed Dumplings and Red Pork (55 baht) gives you a nice sampling of their amazing pork wontons and shrimp dumplings with a fair portion of their red pork all in that savory broth. I think you’re going to love these dumplings! I certainly did. If you find yourself wanting more dumplings you can order them for an additional 10 baht a piece.

Want rice instead?

TIm's Noodle House Bangkok
#10 Chinese BBQ Pork (with Crispy Pork) on Rice (60 baht)

Maybe you don’t want noodles. Maybe you prefer rice. Tim’s Noodle House has got you covered there. You can get a good sampling of their meat offerings with this #10 Chinese BBQ pork, crispy pork, sweet sausage over rice, with a soft boiled duck egg (60 baht). You can also get it without the crispy pork for 50 baht–but why would you deny yourself that crispy pork?

The dish comes with a homemade rich sesame and peanut sauce which is similar to satay sauce. I recommend to give it a spicy kick and doctor it up with a bit of their homemade chili sauce.

Tim’s Noodle House doesn’t use flour or starch to thicken their sauces. Rather they reduce the sauces down until they are thickened. What you get is a super flavorful sauce with a velvety texture. All of their sauces are homemade and they take pride in what they serve. Actually they go for quality with ALL of their condiments…on the table you’ll even find sashimi grade soy sauce. I can’t think of another noodle stall that does that. It makes a difference!

Homemade drinks…

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok
Homemade Lemongrass Tea (12 baht w/ ice).

Tim’s Noodle House also bottles their own homemade teas and fruit drinks. We ordered the lemongrass tea, but they also have chrysanthemum, and bael fruit tea as well and each is reasonably priced at 12 baht with a cup of ice. They’re damned good, too. Treat yourself!

A chat with the owners…

Tim and Vee

I had the opportunity to speak with the proprietors of Tim’s Noodle House, Tim and his wife Veerajit “Vee”. Their story for how Tim’s Noodle House came about is interesting as neither have a background in the food industry.

Tim spent his high school and college days in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After college he returned to Thailand to live and work in 1997. He worked as a manager at the customer service center for Emporium and then decided to take a 6 month hiatus.

During that time he discovered that it was difficult to find reasonably priced egg noodles in the Bangkok. The food stalls didn’t use quality noodles and the places that did use quality noodles were over 200 baht a bowl. He thought that was ridiculous.

So he decided to make the egg noodles himself. After 4 months of perfecting the recipe he started thinking of starting his own noodle shop and knew they had something special to start with. Tim loves the Hong Kong style noodle soup so that’s what he wanted to emulate. However, to be clear, the dishes at Tim’s Noodle House are not 100% authentic Hong Kong style. There are little differences. As examples, they don’t use the pink vinegar and they use the spicier yellow Thai chillies in their condiments.

Zero commute time…

Tim's Noodle House Bangkok

Wanting to keep the overhead costs down Tim and Vee decided to keep it simple and operate the restaurant from their home. They converted their front porch area to an outdoor covered cafe with metal tables and plastic stool seating. On November 11, 2016 Tim’s Noodle House was born.

The idea was simple: make amazing dishes with quality ingredients at an affordable price. The results were a solid base of regular customers (some who eat there 3-4 times a week) and selling out their food stocks daily.

Tim's Noodle House BangkokWhile chatting with Tim I found him to be a quiet person whose passion comes out quickly when talking about food. He loves what he’s doing, and is proud of what he and Vee have put together. He should be proud. They really focus on making wholesome food with quality ingredients, no MSG, and keeping it natural. Even their Bua Loi dessert (20 baht) (glutinous rice balls in coconut cream) are made using natural ingredients for color (pumpkin, purple yam, butterfly pea flower, sweet potato, and pandanus). That level of care is put into EVERYTHING they make…and they just love it when customers recognize how intentional everything is prepared.

I’m hungry! Where is it?

Tim's Noodle House
The restaurant front…

Tim’s Noodle House is located a short walk from the RCA area and the Bangkok Hospital. It’s a 20 minute walk from the Petchaburi MRT station or a 50 baht taxi ride from the station to the RCA area.

They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm, but you should call ahead (081 902 3344) if you plan to visit after 2:00pm to ensure that they are not sold out. There’s plenty of covered seating available on plastic stools, and they offer takeaway (the crispy pork and roe are provided in separate containers, too). They also offer catering services.

If you are looking for some delicious Hong Kong style noodles, you’re going to love this place. Should you visit I’d love to here your feedback in the comment section below!

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