New Chef, New Menu, New Reasons To Visit Punjab Grill!

Punjab Grill has been a go-to spot for my hubby and me for top-notch Indian food in Bangkok. Punjabi cuisine has a deep history, hailing from India and Pakistan’s Punjab region. It’s what most folks think of when they think of “Indian Food”. But Punjab Grill puts a modern spin on these classics in their tasting menu, jazzing up the flavors and presentation.

They’ve always served up great dishes with a side of excellent service. So when we heard they had a new chef and revamped tasting menu, we jumped at the chance to check it out ourselves.

Their new chef, Nana Salunke, brings a fresh approach to the kitchen, blending old-school methods with new ingredients for a dining experience that’s both rooted in tradition and excitingly innovative. And you can taste this blend in their updated tasting menu.

At Punjab, you can choose either a non-vegetarian or vegetarian tasting menu, or go à la carte if you prefer to mix and match your favorites. We always go for the tasting menu and we’ve never been disappointed.

Alright, time to show off what we stuffed our faces with!

To kick things off, we enjoyed a dish called Wasabi-flavored Fresh Berry Bhel. It featured puffed rice mixed with fresh berries, lightly dusted with wasabi for a hint of heat, and complemented by a tangy mango-flavored curd.

Next up was the Konkani Nimbu Lasooni Jheenga. Imagine this: a king prawn all dressed up in the chef’s secret spice mix, ready to party with some zesty lemon and garlic. It’s like the prawn went on a tropical vacation and returned with a fantastic golden tan! And man did we like this…

Jaituni Murgh Kebab: A chicken leg marinated in a blend of exotic spices, then coated with olives, cheese, and minced chicken. It is finished with a sprinkle of olive oil and yellow chili powder. This dish is tender, complex with rich flavors, and very tasty.

Orange and pomegranate sorbet with black salt and a hint of garlic-flavored ice lolly. This palate cleanser was just the thing to prepare us for the following dishes.

Lamb Chop Rezala: Delight in succulent New Zealand lamb chops immersed in a creamy almond and cashew gravy, accompanied by fresh turmeric clay oven bread and a basmati rice dish with prawns. It’s a gourmet embrace for your taste buds! We also tried another dish from the vegetarian tasting menu: Basmati rice cooked with portobello mushrooms and truffle. Both dishes were delicious and bursting with flavor!

Here’s the thing: I absolutely love saffron, and this pudding was exactly what I needed. It’s now one of my all-time favorites—Vikkotam Zafrani milk pudding. It’s a classic and ancient recipe, blending milk and Vikkotam emulsion into a delicious treat.

The Chef

The restaurant introduces its new executive chef, Nana Salunke, from Mumbai. Chef Nana brings over 20 years of culinary experience from top hospitality establishments in India. He has honed his skills in both traditional and contemporary culinary techniques.

Chef Nana and his team have designed this new tasting menu that blends bold flavors and delicate textures, reflecting Chef Nana’s culinary heritage and modern influences. Each dish aims to offer a memorable dining experience, celebrating the essence of Indian cuisine with a creative touch.


The ambiance at Punjab Grill is cozy and spacious without feeling like a vast hall. The large windows, where they keep the grills and tandoori ovens, and the open kitchen allow diners to watch their meals being prepared, adding to the inviting atmosphere. The mixologist crafts exquisite cocktails, enhancing the dining experience. Additionally, Punjab Grill features live music six nights a week, with international Indian artists performing and taking requests, creating a vibrant and engaging environment.

For those who favor captivating visuals…

I’m hungry. Where is it ?

We would recommend making a reservation. Book Here Their tasting menu changes regularly, but you can keep up to date with their specials by following their official Facebook page or Instagram page.

Address: 23/2-3 Soi Sukhumvit 13, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

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